While may is already off to a decent start some signs are going to be affected more than others by the new moon to come. This could be throwing your energy off big time or aiding you on your path in life in a very positive way.

The new moon is going to occur on the 15th of this month and with it, we will be gaining a lot of healing energy and it for most, it will push them towards positivity and success. Keeping that in mind there will be some signs that are affected more so than the rest by this new moon. Below I am going to go over those signs and what this energy is going to hold for those signs, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t make the list, there is still a lot in store for us all.


This month is going to bring forth a lot of positivity for you. With the new moon energy making its way here you are going to be feeling compelled to finish off any things you have been procrastinating with. You will be getting your ducks in a row big time and really making an effort to bounce right on into something new. You might not really make much sense of what you are feeling in this moment, but the new moon will really put things into perspective for you.


You are going to be feeling a bit frazzled during the new moon. While you will be feeling energized and very optimistic you will also be questioning old habits and things you may have outgrown. This will be the best time for you to make a fresh start so stop putting it off.


The new moon this month is going to have you realize exactly why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling. You are going to be going through some rough times but the suffering will be coming to an end. You can do a lot of good for yourself if you pay close attention to where this is going and do what you can to be where you need to be.


All of the criticizing you do is going to really bite you in the ass during this new moon. You are going to be shaking things up in an interesting way. The way you see things is changing and where you headed is going to make you a lot braver. Don’t hold yourself back, take all that is being thrown your way.


The new moon ahead of us is going to have you feeling out of your mind for a few weeks. You are going to be surprised how things turn out but now is the time for you to take a stand. This will be the first time you jump into a leadership role and with good reason. Unlike some of the zodiac signs, you are going to be moving to a more reliable stance.


This new moon is going to force you to overlook a lot of things that you normally would not. There will be a lot of strengths within you coming forth but those strengths are not going to come out without reason. A shift in your energy is going to be pulling you down for a little while but in the end, once you overcome it you will be able to get so much done.

Image via Blossom of the Soul

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