The 6 Cartels That Rule the World

By December 29, 2017 Rabbit Hole

We live in a world full of corruption. There is so much more to politics and international trade than we take the time to acknowledge.

Everything is about control and those who have power are not going to give it up. When you really take the time to break it down there are 6 major cartels that run this planet and everything else is just an inconvenience to them. We depend on these cartels for everything and they do not care about us in the least bit. To the people running these cartels, we are nothing but dollar signs and guinea pigs.

Please remember these are in no specific order. While I will not go into extreme detail of them all as there is so much to say, the videos included will be more than enough to give you the information you need. Something needs to be done about these cartels and while there are obviously more these 6 are the biggest and the worst.

The 6 Cartels That Maintain Dominion Across The Globe:

1. The Institution

This meaning the informational industrial complex. Because our communications in current times are so into technology and information management has also turned into something else the public is being held back. You can learn so much about this in the video below.

2. The International Banking Cartel

Most automatically think of the Rothschilds when this specific cartel comes to mind but they are not the only family of the bunch. The elite have been doing everything they can to maintain control for centuries and they will not let go easily. Banks are able to maintain profits without really producing anything. You can learn all about this in the video below.

3. The Energy Industry

This is the energy industry or the energy sector whichever you prefer to call it. It is something that has been creating lots of issues for the environment as well as our whole planet for quite some time now and yet no one is putting an end to it. This is an industry that includes nuclear, fossil, (Big Oil) and anything else of the sort you can think of. While we are coming into a time of renewable energy traditional energy sources are not going to allow it to take over easily. You can learn more about this by checking out the videos below.

4. Big Pharma

Big Pharma is the medical industry as a whole. Our very healthcare has been turned over to those who merely wish to profit off of us. We are being poisoned in more ways than you can think and everything from misdiagnosis to improper treatment is happening here in the US and other places. Corporate interests are being served above all else and you need to see the following video.

5. Agricultural Chemical Producers

This cartel is made up of companies like Monsanto. Chemical giants who work to completely change the way we farm and the world we farm on. These companies have a lot of control and are using pesticides and things of the sort that are far more dangerous than our governments will ever allow us to be aware of. Monsanto for example pretty much has our whole food supply in its hands and that is not going to change overnight.

6. Arms Producers/Global Arms Trade

The arms producers or weapons manufacturers are much more corrupt that people like to admit. This is one you do not hear about as often as the rest. These are the driving forces behind driving war and and fueling it. Andrew Feinstein goes over this and how corrupt it is in such a manner that I do not need to say anything else, please listen to him speak in the video below.

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