Sure, there are tons of places that are said to be haunted across the US but some of them are much more ‘haunted’ than the rest. If you’ve ever wanted to be properly spooked, these places will be more than capable of doing exactly that.

From Alabama all the way to Washington and everywhere in-between there are plenty of spooky places scattered all across the United States. Below I am going to go over one very haunted location in each state. If you ever want to go on a road trip across the US some of these places might be well worth stopping by.

Alabama: Fort Morgan, Baldwin County

This location is overflowing with ghost stories and strange encounters. It is said that the old barracks is one of the most haunted parts of the location and that is thought to be because one of the prisoners from back in the early 1900s actually hung himself in there. One of the many stories you will hear about this location is of a female ghost wandering the Fort looking for justice as she was for some reason brought to the Fort and beaten to death by male attackers who were never caught and charged. Check out the video below for more information on this interesting location.

Alaska: Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Fairbanks

This is easily the most haunted place in Alaska. Strange phenomena are quite common here and everything from crazy temperature fluctuations to seeing spirits has and does happen to those who visit. Many report hearing babies crying from empty rooms and other things of the sort.

Arizona: Sunkist Factory, Mesa

Yes, a Sunkist factory, as surprising as that might seem. According to AZCentral Jay Yates, a noted paranormal investigator has visited the location dozens of times throughout the years and says it is very much haunted. There is some kind of shadow figure that both workers and visitors have noticed time and time again. There is a story surrounding the location of a man who was buried alive in a citrus chute and Yates believes it might be linked.

Arkansas: The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs

Many refer to this specific hotel as the most haunted hotel in the US. It is a mere 78 room resort and holds far more beauty than you could ever imagine. It has eight identified ghosts currently and many will be seen walking the halls at all hours of the night. Anyone who stays the night here is in for a treat.

California: Alcatraz, San Francisco

While you have probably already heard more than enough about Alcatraz it truly is one of the most haunted places you will find. This was one of the most brutal and inhumane prisons in the country during its operational periods and is visited by tons of people in recent times. The spirits of those who were tortured are said to still be stuck in this awful place.

Colorado: Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

This hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining and many claim they have experienced interesting and paranormal occurrences. Many say they lose track of time and it has a very ‘spirit’ riddled history. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Connecticut: Red Brook Inn, Old Mystic

This location is quite interesting. The north room in the Red Brook Inn is said to be haunted by a former owner. Her name is Sally Crary and is thought to be haunting the location because when she passed her husband remarried, her best friend. There have been reports of people hearing voices, seeing things, and noticing huge temperature fluctuations.

Delaware: Fort Delaware State Park

This is a very historic site and it has been on several television shows in regards to its paranormal activity. It seems conditions here during operational times were so bad that some prisoners literally had to fight over rats to eat. Many people claim to see and hear soldiers time and time again.

Florida: Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34, Cape Canaveral

This was originally designed to be one of NASA’s largest and most prominent launch pads. That being said, several astronauts died in a cabin fire back in the 60s and it was closed down for good. The remains are a memorial and you can visit them. Many report hearing disembodied screams and feeling an overwhelming sense of dread while in this location.

Georgia: Windsor Hotel, Americus

This while not in Savannah like most haunted locations in Georgia is quite spooky. There have been tons of strange sightings and it is said there is a young girl spirit that spends lots of time in the halls. Many ghost trackers or spiritually inclined people feel very ‘icky’ when in this location. It is quite active and mesmerizing all around.

Hawaii: Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Oahu

This one is a beautiful almost 30-acre garden that is thought to be quite haunted. The Green Lady is said to make her way around the garden and scare guests from time to time. She is sometimes said to be covered in green mold and some even claim she appears to be more fish like as she has scales and jagged teeth. Another interesting thing about this location is that if you cross a certain bridge by yourself here, you will never return.

Idaho: Old Idaho Penitentiary, Boise

This one is basically an old state prison that was built back in the1870s. People who visit report feeling dreadful and being very overwhelmed with some kind of negative energy. Many have said time and time again that strange sounds are quite prominent in this location as well.

Illinois: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian

Visitors see orbs and other things of the sort here all the time. This location is very active and quite terrifying if you find yourself there after dark. Many have even noticed strange electronic problems when in the cemetery. Strange things have been happening here for as long as most people can remember.

Indiana: Stepp Cemetery, Benton

While this is a smaller cemetery it is quite haunted in more ways than you’d think. It is featured in tons of local legends and people seem to have seen the ghost of a grieving mother time and time again. It consists of just 25 graves but holds deep meaning for the locals.

Iowa: Villisca Axe Murder House

Many years ago in this house eight people were found dead. Six children and two adults were found bludgeoned to death by an axe that was also left at the scene. The murderer was never found and the case is unsolved even now. Just being in the presence of this home makes you feel out of place. That being said, you are welcome to visit.

Kansas: Stull Cemetery

Legends say this graveyard has a hidden stairway that goes right down to hell itself. There have been tons of stories surrounding this location and many locals believe witches were killed there as well. It is a paranormal hotspot.

Kentucky: Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville

This is one of the more well-known haunted locations in Kentucky and with good reason. It was a place that held tons of patients and most never left. So many people died at this location that they literally installed a chute for disposing of corpses. It is also quite the paranormal hotspot.

Louisiana: Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville

This location is well known as the ghost of a young girl was actually captured on camera here. She is one of many ghostly figures haunting the halls. While it is currently a bed and breakfast, I don’t suggest staying the night if you are easily spooked.

Maine: Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunkport

This beautiful building might not look haunted but it is. Guests report seeing an elderly woman dressed in a nightgown wandering the halls all hours of the night. This being the ghost of a woman who passed long ago, she has never managed to leave even now.

Maryland: Antietam Battlefield, Sharpsburg

Battlefields and other similar places are usually quite paranormal. All of the death seen here doesn’t just disappear. It sticks around and lingers even now. Many report strange things happening and who would expect any less?

Massachusetts: Taunton State Hospital, Taunton

There are some pretty interesting markings on the walls of the basement here and many who once worked here reported seeing shadows and being physically stopped from entering the basement itself altogether. It is easily one of the most haunted places in the US and once employed serial killer Jane Toppan who killed over thirty people while working as a nurse in this location.

Michigan: The Bruce Mansion

This one is quite old and very spooky. It is said that you can oftentimes hear growling noises coming from the basement and that it was once a funeral home of some kind. Even when a fire destroyed almost the whole town this building was left without a scratch. Many report seeing apparitions in the windows even now.

Minnesota: Wabasha Street Caves

Lots of people have reported seeing ghosts within these caves. While they are open to tour they are quite spooky. It is said that gangsters used to hide out in these caves during the prohibition era.

Mississippi: McRaven Tour Home

This is basically a house that once served as a Confederate campsite and hospital. At least 11 people are buried on the property and many report having seen their ghosts. It is an almost untouched location and it really does feel as if you are stepping back in years when you visit.

Missouri: Lemp Family Mansion, St. Louis

The Lemp family was not as together as they wanted the rest of the world to think they were. They had seen lots of suicide among their close relatives and now since their home is an Inn those family members seem to come out quite often. While they are not necessarily violent they do seem troubled even now.

Montana: The Old Montana Territorial Prison

As if there were not plenty of prison’s on this list already we had to add another. This ran down old state prison is one that people note seeing terrifying things time and time again. Some even mention feeling as if they are being choked. It is not a friendly place by any means, whatever is there is not happy.

Nebraska: Seven Sisters Road

This story goes that a man hung all seven of his daughters on the trees that line this road specifically. Many mention being able to hear the voices of women screaming and some have their cars just stop for no reason. It is not somewhere you would want to find yourself broken down on.

Nevada: Mizpah Hotel

Chances are you might have heard of this one before. The Lady in Red haunts this hotel and is said to be the ghost of some kind of call girl of the past. She was beaten to death in the hotel and does her best to frighten, everyone.

New Hampshire: Pine Hill Cemetery, Dover

This is a very old cemetery with interesting aspects. While most do not mention anything sinister happening some say they can see the hands on the tombstone of Abel Blood glowing at night. That being said, instead of it pointing to heaven as it would normally be doing during the day, it is pointing down to hell.

New Jersey: Clinton Road, West Milford

This one is thought to be one of if not the most haunted roads in the US. Those driving down it have been taunted by ghostly headlights that came from nowhere, animals that weren’t there being in the road, and so much more. This is also an area surrounded by many different legends.

New Mexico: KiMo Theater

The ghost of a young boy is thought to haunt this theater. He died on site when a boiler exploded. Many people say he does all he can to ruin the shows from time to time.

New York: Farnam Mansion, Oneida

This might not look like it would be haunted but it is. It is a beautiful yet interesting home that comes with far more intense paranormal activity than you could imagine. Its owners have even gone so far as to contact paranormal researchers in hopes of getting answers.

North Carolina: The Biltmore Estate, Asheville

This estate is enormous and comes with over two hundred rooms. It is quite famous and visited by tons of people all the time. Many report having been able to hear the deceased couple actually speaking in the library. It is a sight to behold with or without the ghosts.

North Dakota: The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm

Visitors here mention frequently that they have seen the ghost of a young girl and a young boy. Both can be seen in different areas at different times and are quite frequently making themselves known to the guests. This old farmhouse is named after the little girl, Elizabeth Yunker.

Ohio: Moonville Tunnel

This isolated area is a creepy concrete tunnel in Zaleski State Park. At least 26 people have died in or near the tunnel and many people report seeing these deceased people as they swing their lanterns even in recent times. While it might not sound like much as frequently as it occurs this is a very active location.

Oklahoma: Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast

This Inn is plagued by a silly ghost child that likes to make herself known. She will squeeze the toes of guests and sometimes even crawl into bed with them. She was thought to have died there as the result of an overdose of opium containing cough syrup.

Oregon: Hecta Head Lighthouse

The young child of someone working at this lighthouse is said to have passed away here. Many say they have encountered the ghost of someone named Rue be it the mother or the child we do not quite know. Not much is known of the apparitions here but it is clear they are here.

Pennsylvania: Eastern State Penitentiary

This building is ancient and is also known for being unreasonably cruel. While the prison has not been open since the 70s people report seeing many strange things. They offer daytime and nighttime tours to those who are brave enough.

Rhode Island: Fort Wetherill, Jamestown

This place is said to be haunted by a phantom dog of some kind. That makes sense as many claim when the British took control over the fort years ago they were terrorized by a black dog. This dog is thought to be an omen of death and is quite unsettling. You might still be able to spot him today.

South Carolina: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

This plantation was actually featured on ‘Ghost Hunters.’ It has been in the same family for quite some time and people hear voices and see things quite frequently. While it might look quite modern now, it is anything but.

South Dakota: Bullock Hotel, Deadwood

Staff here report hearing the piano playing when no one is there to play it and guests report hearing the sound of someone walking in the halls. It is said to be haunted by Seth Bullock who was the first sheriff of the town itself. That being said, he is a fairly simple ghost who doesn’t bother much.

Tennessee: Bell Witch Cave

Any object taken from this cave is said to be cursed. Many have endured quite violent occurrences at the site and do not often return. It is said that the spirit of someone named Kate Batts haunts the cave.

Texas: The Grove

This house is remembered by many because it is the home of the Lady in White. She was first spotted back in the 90s and has been making appearances ever since. She Watches people from afar and can be seen walking the halls quite frequently.

Utah: Bringham Young Farmhouse

While this one is a historical landmark it is thought to be quite haunted. Many see ghosts and hear voices while at the house. Some of the ghosts are friendly and others, not so much.

Vermont: Emily’s Bridge

This bridge is said to be the home of the ghost of a girl named Emily. She was supposed to meet her lover under the bridge one night but he never came. She then hung herself over the bridge and how haunts waiting for her love to return.

Virginia: Ferry Plantation House

This plantation dates back to about 1642 and is home to at least over ten ghosts currently. The spirits who call this place home are quite diverse and while most are easy to face others are not. Many who visit this place do not end up seeing the ghosts they wish they had.

Washington: Thornewood Castle Inn

This beautiful Inn was the location for Rose Red and is very much haunted. Visitors often mention having seen the ghost of a young boy who apparently had drowned on the property. Stories of this place go back for quite some time and are quite detailed.

West Virginia: Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

While you might think an abandoned amusement park would be cool this one is quite the opposite. It is frightening. Many have seen far more than they could have ever wished to see when visiting this park. The land itself was haunted long before the park was even built.

Wisconsin: Summerwind Mansion

After human remains were discovered in the crawl space of this house the family living there left, the mansion burned down years later leaving a creepy base. People say that they notice lots of spooky things when they visit this location and an apparition was said to have been attacking some of the previous owners. While the whole story isn’t known there seems to be something peculiar going on.

Wyoming: Occidental Hotel

This hotel is haunted by the ghost of a prostitutes daughter who once lived there. She does not waste any time and has guests shocked quickly. If you ever want to truly be afraid, this is a good place to visit.

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