Everyone has their own insecurities, and to say that someone is completely secure in who they are would be a lie. However, with that being said, that isn’t to say that we can’t overcome many of our biggest insecurities at least in one way or another.

Overcoming those insecurities is something we must all do whether we struggle with it or not. Below I am going to go over some of the causes of insecurities. While you might not realize that these things are causing internal turmoil, they can be. Being aware of these things will help you overcome them in the long run.

The 5 Most Common Causes of Insecurities:

1. Perfectionism

For some reason, in this day and age, everyone is striving to be perfect. Perfect does not exist and you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone. You are who you are and we all have our own struggles.

2. Fear of Failure

Being afraid to fail really closes us off as well. If you are terrified of failing you might not want to try things at all. It cuts you off from a lot of experiences that you might really want to have.

3. Social Anxiety

Having social anxiety can take a serious toll on your confidence. You won’t feel as capable to go up and speak in new situations and you might feel quite out of place. Even mild social anxiety can cause a lot of stress on the mind.

4. Fear of Rejection

Being afraid of rejection, regardless of why can also take a serious toll on you. We don’t want to be shut down or shut out so we don’t even try. This is something that is much more common than you might think.

5. Circumstances

Sometimes we become insecure, not because of the things we are doing but because of things others have done to us. For instance, you might feel unlovable or ugly because you were cheated on. The things that happen to us make a huge difference in our lives.

The first step to overcoming these things is becoming aware of them. Once you know that there is something driving your insecurities you can begin to change it. You have to accept yourself and really learn to love who you are. Change what you can if you feel it is truly needed but don’t push anything.

There is much more going on within your own mind than you might realize. We tend to face more internally than we do externally.


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