In modern times, it has become quite common for the newer generations to seek the wisdom of ancient belief systems, with one of the more prominent paths being the path of the Buddha. And with Buddhism containing a myriad of wisdom for various life issues, I wasn’t surprised when I stumbled upon a useful, and deeply touching a guide to friendship by the Buddha himself.

According to Buddha, during our lives, there will be four types of friends we will encounter. And each of them will provide their own lesson if you are willing to pay attention to.

The helper

The helper will be a friend who will be there when we are in need, giving us protection during vulnerable times and aid when needed. They will ask for little to nothing in return, and they will help us find our way when we are lost.

The enduring friend

There are four definers of the enduring friend: someone who tells you secrets, someone who guards your secrets, someone who doesn’t abandon you when you need them most, and someone who would die for you if necessary.

The mentor

A mentor friend will stop you from doing harm or wrong to others, and someone who will guide you with good intent. They will show you what you should know, and they also provide you with the path to the samsaric heavens.

The compassionate friend

Last but not least, the compassionate friend will support you with compassion rather than find a laugh at your expense and will celebrate your successes with you. When others speak ill of you, they will have your back, and they will always encourage other people to celebrate you instead of dragging you down.

To read more on Buddha’s thoughts regarding love, friendship, and life in general, The Dhammapada (The Path of the Dharma) is a great place to start. Organized by theme- thought, joy, anger, pleasure, and others. Buddha’s words provide insight and wisdom that is timeless. Check out what he has to say, and give us your thoughts.

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