It is Taurus season right now and will be until closer to the end of May. With this, many people are struggling to get out of their comfort zones and seriously wasting time pushing themselves too hard.

While the Sun is in Taurus we should all be working to remain as comfortable as possible. Regardless of your sign during this time you will be feeling quite out of place. You will be pushed to really make moves that benefit you in the world of security and better understanding the emotional connections you have with the things and people around you. You will be highly motivated in the weeks to come, using that to your advantage will do a lot for you.

Taurus season is all about building your attention in the right areas and testing whether or not the ideas you have are worth acting on. Don’t force the pieces of this puzzle to fit, if things aren’t working make changes. Embrace all of the parts of yourself that you otherwise would overlook.

Taurus season can be a bit frustrating but if you allow these energies before you to work in the ways they were meant to, you will find a sense of calm that you never knew existed. If you’re working on something don’t give up just yet, put your hard-working mind to it and really get things done. If you and someone you love are in an argument perhaps finally giving in and letting them know that you are still there for them would be enough to end the madness. Taurus season can do a lot for you.

The Cut wrote as follows in regards to Taurus season:

Taurus season can be a great time for maintaining and deepening work on an ongoing project, a great month for staying committed, for going the distance. It might also just be a great time for stubbornness! Nobody else gets to tell you what to do, or who you are, or what the world is made of. You know who you are and what you’re about, and no one else gets to boss you around! You can resist what you know to be wrong for you, and defend what you know to be right.

Happily for Taurus, though, all this stubborn and hard-working tenacity emphatically does not come at the expense of having a good time. Taurus is a spectacularly, luxuriously sensual sign. All three of the earth signs are rooted in the physicality of the world and the body, but Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, love, and money. Taurus season is not only about the work the body can do, but about the pleasure, it can feel, too.

This can, obviously, mean sex, but it’s more than just that — it’s about the whole range of physical pleasures we can experience in our lives. Taurus truly values the satisfaction of eating well, or of wearing fabrics that feel soft against the skin, or of getting a truly great haircut. Taurus really, deeply feels the pleasure of a long hot bath, or a sweet afternoon nap or a sunny afternoon spent lounging on a blanket in a lush green park. During Taurus season, the people around you might seem suddenly, surprisingly hedonistic. But then you, too, might feel newly alive to the luxuries, large and small, of living in the physical world.

As the next few weeks pass use the energies before you to treat yourself properly. Rethink where you are and where you’re headed. Perhaps something you’re doing needs to be done differently? Be as present in the here and now as you can and see where this whole ordeal takes you.

Gemini season will be here before you know it’s so embracing the things you’re experiencing right now is crucial. Everything will be fine once all is said and done, remember that. For more information on Taurus season please feel free to check out the video below.

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