The power of the waning moon is not one that we should ignore! It can be used to your advantage if you really set your mind to it.

For anyone who might not be aware a waning moon is basically the moon anytime after a full moon but before a new moon. It is sometimes referred to as an old moon. During the waning moon, the moon is decreasing.

Waning moons are times for us all to really slow down and give ourselves a break. These are the best moments for getting rid of people and things that no longer serve us and removing any toxic negativity from our lives. During the waning moon, we shift our focus on what changes need to be made to better our lives and we make those changes. If you really want to make the most of the energies before you then the ritual below will be exactly what you need.

Waning Moon Ritual

Things Needed:

3 Candles

Calming incense or essential oils

Your choice of smudging materials




Using the smudging materials, smudge the room in which you intend to carry out the ritual. Cleanse the room and yourself as best you can. Personally, I always use white sage, but you can do your own research and choose what is best for you.

From here, under the waning moon, light your candles and sit in a meditative/comfortable position. Light your incense or diffuse some of those essential oils, really lighten the mood of the room itself. Give yourself a moment to meditate in the light of those candles and just relax.

Now, thinking of all the things that cause you pain or are holding you back in life write them all out on that paper. Get everything out and write until you know everything has been put down on that paper. Any kind of toxic situation or person you are facing, write about it/them. Do not leave anything or anyone out.

Once you’ve made it this far, read over the papers before you and agree within yourself to let go of these things and those people. Decide to move forward without that toxic negativity within your life. Using one of the candles burn the papers and really let them go until they are nonexistent.

Recite some kind of positive affirmation and remind yourself that while moving forward from this point will not be easy you have already let go and nothing can hurt you now. Doing this will really make a huge difference in your life. Give it a try and let us know how you feel in the days following.

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