These massive volcanoes have done tons of damage in the past and taken enormous amounts of life before, yet the threat that is their existence goes far underplayed. Did you know that there are specific volcanoes that could change life (or end it) for us all?

For those who do not know a supervolcano is a volcano that has had an eruption of a magnitude 8. This kind of volcano would have the potential to produce an eruption with major effects on global climate and so much more. They are the most terrifying of all volcanoes.

Sure, we have been told time and time again to not expect any kind of eruption in our lifetime, but I am sure as outside factors pile up, that could change (hopefully it doesn’t). Take a look at the map below, do you see all of those numbered pointers? Each one of those is a supervolcano that could potentially end all life. While there are 18 on the list, we are going to go over the top 6. Feel free to look more into the rest if you’d like. Each and everyone is quite fascinating.



1. Yellowstone, USA

Yellowstone is easily one of if not the most famous supervolcano. It could be quite powerful and an eruption would cause severe devastation. While it has not erupted in about seven hundred thousand years, it is nearing time to blow again. It would easily wipe out almost one hundred thousand people practically instantly and block out the sun for years.

2. Long Valley Caldera, USA

The Long Valley Caldera is not always deadly but has a lot of potential. There is a huge cache of magma beneath it, and it is one of the largest calderas on our planet. It is at least twenty miles long.

3. Valles Caldera, USA

This caldera is very well known in its area and was formed by a collapse in a series of eruptions from over a million years ago. While this one seems to be inactive it still has an active system. Eruption is not likely but it is possible.

4. Lake Toba, Indonesia

This beautiful caldera is now a lake and even has an island in the center. Its most recent eruption was around seventy thousand years ago and it is considered to be in a stage of resurgence. It is constantly being monitored and researched as better understanding it is important.

5. Taupo, New Zealand

While many believe if this one were to be about to erupt we would know in advance, that won’t be known for sure until the time comes. It has been quite for quite some time now, but it is responsible for the most recent supervolcano eruption. This one is quite unpredictable at best.

6. Aria Caldera, Japan

This supervolcano is located in Southern Japan and if it erupted it would cause a volcanic winter much like the one Yellowstone would produce. This actually happened back in 1815 which is why the year following it is known as the ‘year without a summer.’ If this volcano erupted it would cause billions of death in the end as it would cause crop production to fail.

If you want to learn more about supervolcanoes and how they work/the effects they have, feel free to check out the video below. What do you think about these terrifying spouts of lava? I can only hope that in the future we can learn to control them in one way or another.

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