Social anxiety is something that many people deal with. General anxiety actually affects over 40 million adults here in the United States alone, that is about 18 percent of the population!

Anxiety is something that can control your life depending on the severity of it, but with that being said in some ways anxiety may actually be good for you. One study carried out by Lakehead University showed that people with anxiety had a tendency to score higher on tests that involved verbal intelligence. People with anxiety also have something known as ‘sentinel intelligence,‘ this being the ability to detect threats that other people were completely oblivious to.

Anxiety is something we cannot just get rid of overnight, but it can be worked through in many ways. Something that really helped me is meditation and practicing mindfulness, but there are so many different ways to channel your anxiety! What works for one person will not always work for another, no matter what anyone says!

Once we realize how special our anxiety makes us, we are able to open up to a whole new world. An anxious mind is a searching mind. People with anxiety are constantly analyzing things and tracking their thoughts. Many people would call this a bad thing, but it’s really not! It just means that you are more aware of the things going on in your world.

People with higher levels of anxiety have even been found to be more empathetic. (To see the full study on this please click here.) When I say empathetic I mean they are able to read the thoughts and feelings of others without words. Socially anxious individuals are quite unique and interesting when you really think about it. Lots of them can pick up on someone’s mood before they even enter a room!

So, the next time you are putting yourself down for your social anxiety think about these things! You are a beautiful and unique individual, everything about you, including your social anxiety make you the person that you are and that my friend is an amazing thing!

For more information on how having anxiety seems to make people smarter please check out the video below. While there is still a lot we do not know about this disorder as well as others it seems those suffering from it have the upper hand in quite a few areas.

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