Sometimes even the strongest women get stuck in toxic relationships. Just because someone seems perfect from a distance doesn’t mean they are once you get to know one another and are too close to leave.

Toxic relationships seem to follow strong women throughout there lives. That being said, if she is a truly strong woman she will find the power within her to leave. She will let her limits be met and move on. She will not allow him to waste her time.

Strong women make mistakes too, they aren’t perfect. Perfect does not exist in this world but they do work hard to right those mistakes and fix the things that they can. Strong women find their sense of self-worth and refuse to settle anymore. All it takes is one failed relationship too many. You can try to win her heart all you want but unless your intentions are pure, she won’t bother giving you the time of day.

She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. As soon as your toxic side shows she will make her way to the door. She will never settle for simple or easy. Strong women are women who know that they are the ones who have to go out and make things happen. They know that by wasting their time on someone who doesn’t really give a shit about them they are wasting away.

Strong women are often dismissed as being bitchy, or pretentious for standing up for themselves and the quality of life they know they deserve. She knows who she is and who she is not, and she refuses to allow others to run all over her.

She knows her time is worth more than you can offer and you just need to accept that. If someone is not going to stick around she can tell. She can smell their intent from a mile away. Being a strong woman and thinking you are a strong woman are two very different things.

If you are letting someone boss you around or waste your time, stop. Be your own person and take things into your own hands. You are much stronger than you think, you just have to find your inner power and let it reign through.

We are not doormats and the world needs to see that. Just because you have a pretty face doesn’t mean you owe anyone anything. You shouldn’t waste your time on jerks.


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