While we all want to live great lives and do wonderful things with our existence, not all of us achieve that much. Sure, we all face different things in our lives and as we grow but some people face terrible things that they cannot handle and this can break them in more ways than most could ever imagine. 

Substance use is something that we know is bad but why do so many people turn to it? Why are there so many people addicted to different substances and unable to make it through a single day without using? Well, the answers to these questions are not as easy as we would like for them to be and in many ways neither is getting off the drugs and creating a life that you want to live instead of moving through one you’re trying to escape from. 

According to AAC, who noted the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2017 alone, there were 19.7 million Adult Americans battling some kind of substance use disorder. Out of every eight adults in 2017, at least one was struggling with both alc0h0l and dr^g use disorders at the same time. This kind of thing for some is easy to stop when they’re ready but for others, is the hardest thing they will ever do in their lives. Sure, it might be easy to look down on those who do drugs when you’re not someone who does and couldn’t fathom the thought but when something like this hits home you realize just how serious it is and what kinds of things can be driving it.

While you might think that creating a better life might be more worth their time those using drugs don’t see it that way. They are in many cases facing something that they cannot move on from or were when they began using struggling with some kind of abuse or trauma that even now has gone unhealed. The longer this kind of thing goes on the harder it will be to get clean in most cases and that takes a toll on everyone involved. 

People who take dr*gs usually do so to either fit in, escape reality, relax because they’re overly stressed, or other things of the sort. While the world does tell us that a lot of people take drugs to experiment, that’s not always the case. Sure, sometimes it is but this article is going to focus more on those with underlying problems that they need to work through as well as getting clean if they want to remain on the right path and work towards being able to actually change their lives for the better.

Before moving on I would like to touch on how dr*gs work, DrugFreeWorld.org wrote as follows in regards:

Drugs are essentially poisons. The amount taken determines the effect.

A small amount acts as a stimulant (speeds you up). A greater amount acts as a sedative (slows you down). An even larger amount poisons and can kill.

This is true of any drug. Only the amount needed to achieve the effect differs.

But many drugs have another liability: they directly affect the mind. They can distort the user’s perception of what is happening around him or her. As a result, the person’s actions may be odd, irrational, inappropriate and even destructive.

Drugs block off all sensations, the desirable ones with the unwanted. So, while providing short-term help in the relief of pain, they also wipe out ability and alertness and muddy one’s thinking.

Medicines are drugs that are intended to speed up or slow down or change something about the way your body is working, to try to make it work better. Sometimes they are necessary. But they are still drugs: they act as stimulants or sedatives, and too much can kill you. So if you do not use medicines as they are supposed to be used, they can be as dangerous as illegal drugs.

When people turn to drugs for the reasons listed above or because they’ve been abused or suffered some kind of trauma they see no escape from, it changes their brain the more they use it. Their brains adapt and this in many ways makes it harder and harder to get off the drugs the longer they’re on them. Sure, that might not be an effect you’re able to see but it is there and it does happen.

By using dr*gs as a means to get through or to cope we are wasting our time and our bodies but because it makes us feel better at first, it’s something a lot of people fall victim to. This in many ways is something that holds us back and can ruin our lives but far too many people are willing to do whatever they feel it takes to make themselves feel better and that’s a problem. For more information on this topic please check out the video below. 





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