Being single may seem painful at first, but oftentimes, it is what is necessary in order to wait for the right person. You don’t have to jump into a relationship just for the sake of being in one or to keep yourself from feeling lonely.

Finding real love is worth so much more and you shouldn’t squander that by settling for a toxic relationship. Being alone and finding yourself before putting yourself out there will really benefit you in the long run. Even when you’re alone there are people who care about you and you aren’t as ‘alone’ as you might think you are.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you need to really pay attention to. If someone is doing these things then they are worth taking the time to really try having a relationship with. If someone isn’t capable of doing these things then they aren’t going to put any effort into making things work.

Stay Alone Until Someone Steps Up And Does These 10 Things:

1. They always call to check in on you or make sure you made it home.

They make an effort to make sure you are alright. They will call you when you get home from hanging out or text you to make sure you made it. They want to be reassured that you are alright and of course, they want to talk to you.

2. They make you feel happy when you are around them.

They don’t even have to try, they make you happy just by coming around. Being with this person really makes you feel good within. The more you are with one another the happier you become.

3. They are easy to talk to and do not spread rumors.

This person is someone you can talk to about anything. They don’t share your secrets. If you tell them something they won’t share it with anyone else.

4. They don’t mind your flaws.

They don’t care about your flaws. They think your flaws make you who you are. Because you are so quirky and unique they are much more drawn to you.

5. They don’t make you feel judged.

They don’t make you feel like you are as flawed as you are. You can tell them anything without feeling judged. The more that you open up the more comfortable you become.

6. They let you see their vulnerable side.

They let you see sides of themselves that they would not share with anyone else. They become vulnerable around you and are overly willing to spread their truth. With this person, you see all sides of him or her.

7. They accept your past.

They don’t care about your past. They accept it and you and have moved forward. The more you open up, the more at home you will feel with this person.

8. They are able to really make you laugh.

They are able to really make you laugh. Their sense of humor is going to really keep you going in many aspects.

9. They treat you like an equal.

They treat you like an equal. They don’t act like they are better than you or that you are better than them. You are both on the same page.

10. They know when to walk away and cool down.

They know when to let things cool down before proceeding. When you two get into an argument they stop and let things settle. This is something most people are not capable of.

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