Soros Hack Shows Billionaire Tried to Buy Supreme Court Ruling on Immigration

By August 21, 2016 Other

New leaked documents reveal that George Soros’ foundation aimed to influence members of the Supreme Court to get a favorable decision in a key immigration case.

As we mentioned earlier last week, an anonymous hacker organization released thousands of documents from Open Society Foundations, which was founded by the Hungarian-born magnate in 1984.

In one memo written to members of the organization’s board, which include journalists and members Soros’ wealthy family, in February, officials for the foundation’s U.S. operations set a goal of influencing a positive outcome in the U.S. vs. Texas Supreme Court Case.


As the Daily Caller explained, “Members of the advisory board include Soros family members, left-wing activists, Ivy League professors and columnists for the Washington Post and Foreign Policy magazine. The memo, entitled ‘State of U.S. Programs,’ is part of a 75-page file containing internal documents from a Feb 11 and 12 board meeting.”


The case dealt with an Obama executive order that would have given the illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens the right to stay in the country, an order that would have applied to millions of illegal immigrants.

By the time the court got around to making a decision on the case, Antonin Scalia had died, effectively trying the justices on the issue.


This memo is shocking, considering the fact that the OSF officials were directly asking members of the media to write favorable in an attempt to sway the justices to defend the Obama order.

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