Depression is not always crying your eyes out and being unable to get out of bed. Depression comes in many shapes and sizes, no one ever experiences it in the exact same way.

Depression is not something anyone can snap out of but it does force many of them to put on a show. Some of the most down in the dumps and broken people can make you think there is nothing wrong with them. They can walk around making others laugh and keeping a smile on their faces all the while shattering repeatedly inside.

Depression is easy to hide. It is easy to make people think you’re fine when you’re not. Depression is almost always in plain sight waiting to be uncovered. We never see it because we never look for it in the right ways. We only think something might be wrong when someone’s refusing to interact completely, not when they are giving too much or trying to overcompensate.

Just because it looks like someone is doing well doesn’t mean they are. You cannot always see their struggles but that does not mean they are nonexistent. They might laugh more to keep from really showing the things going on within, they might go out and have ‘fun.’ They could be really trying to keep their minds off of things that are going on within.

They might show from time to time a little crack that lets you inside to what is truly going on but then the very next day they are happy and upbeat, this might have you thinking that things are fine and they have resolved the conflict going on within themselves but that is rarely ever the case. This person is most likely just putting on a strong face so that he or she can prevent becoming more of a burden to those he or she truly cares about.

I guess my point here is that just because you think someone is doing fine doesn’t mean they are and just because someone seems happier than you doesn’t mean they aren’t going through something. You never know the story of anyone but yourself.

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