Social anxiety for anyone who may not know is something that affects at least 15 million people in the US alone. Anxiety disorders as a whole are literally the most common mental illness in the US and affect over 40 million.

While they are treatable most people do not receive treatment. Social anxiety is hard to deal with sometimes and can really limit a person’s abilities in many ways. It creates a sense of not belonging and a lot of unneeded stress.

Now, empaths are sensitive people who have a state of mind that really lets them be more emotionally tied with the people around them. Empaths can absorb the emotions of those they come in contact with and are able to feel those emotions on a very real level, they take them on as if they were their own.

A study I recently came across that was published in 2011 really got me thinking about the two; social anxiety and empaths. There really seems to be more of a link than we tend to realize. This study showed that individuals with social phobias or social anxiety, in general, were also hypersensitive to other people and their state’s of mind. This basically describes the empath.

Now in order to get to this conclusion, the researchers of this study worked to assess the levels of empathy in over 20 socially anxious people and over 20 people who did not have much anxiety at all. While this is a very small number of people it is still quite interesting, to say the least. They found that using the Liebowitz social anxiety scale the first group had elevated empathy tendencies the second group did not have.

Are you an empath? Do you suffer from social anxiety? Would you say the two go seemingly hand in hand? It seems there is a lot more to this, this could mean that people suffering from things like social anxiety are much more special than they think. They could all be extremely gifted individuals when you break things down. For more on this please check out the video below.

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