Six Secret Societies That Failed At Taking Over The World… We Hope

By November 14, 2017 History, Rabbit Hole

Humans are born with an innate sense to be in control. We like power and we like telling others what to do even more! You can see some terrifying examples of this in ancient history like these secret societies that tried to take over the world!

Secret societies aren’t as secret as they wish they were these days, but i’m sure there’s a handful that we don’t know about. Thankfully, people are just as intrigued with telling secrets as they are with power so secret societies don’t stay as secret as they hoped they would. You’ve probably even heard of a few of them…

As much as I wish I could say that some secret societies haven’t attempted to take over the world, I can’t! There have been quite a few top secret groups of people who have tried to install a new world order of lizard slaying warriors and demogorgon worshipers! Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you can’t put it past mankind. We’re some crazy individuals, or there certainly have been some in the past. Although none of their tactics ever succeeded, that we know of, there have been some outrageous pursuits of world domination! Check them out below.

The Knights Templar

The original primary goal of the Knights Templars were to protect the pilgrims against foreign invaders, however, they were eventually involved in many darker political affairs. Amidst the medieval crusades the Templars, or The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and The Temple Of Solomon, were a group of people that exhibited actions to protect the land between Haifa and Jerusalem for economic and political gain, and it only got more intense as time went on. It was established in 1118 by nine knights, Hugues de Payens, Geoffrey de St. Omer, Rossal, Gondamer, Geoffrey Bisol, Payen de Montdidier, Archambaud de St. Agnat, Andre de Montbard, and the Hugh Conte de Champagne. It all came crumbling down when the members were tortured and executed, eventually disbanding the entire society.

The Elders of Zion

In the last years of the nineteenth century the Elders of Zion got their claim to fame by releasing the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, a literary work regarding the alleged secret plans of Jewish leaders seeking to take over the world. The are often referred to as the most notorious political forgery of modern times. They served to rationalize the anti-antisemitism and genocide in Hitler’s Germany. The giant question of whether it was a hoax or truth is still left unanswered today, and many people say that it is what lead to Hitler’s secret plot to justify anti-Semitic measures.

The Rosicrucian

Dating all the way back to the 1300’s, the Rosicrucian order was the occult society that still exist today. The order was invented in 1623 and surround the idea of a man named Christian Rosenkrutz, a man who allegedly lived 106 years and turned lead into gold, discovered ever burning lamps, and had mystical powers etc. It was first brought to light of the public in 1600’s Paris when an unknown individual distributed leaflets around the town talking about an invisible college. Eventually they planned to bring about a global transformation using occult practices. They are often related to the creation of the Freemasons according to conspiracy theorists. Others believe they created the Illuminati, the invisible college, and have indeed had forces behind even the most significant modern day political agendas.

The Freemasons

Conspiracy theorists go on and on about the secret agenda of the Freemasons and the masonic lodges. They supposedly promoted anti-christian ideas and encouraged a lack of religious diversity. Many people believe that they were created to undermine the United States because many of the nation’s founders were indeed freemasons such as George Washington, Benjamin franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. They have additionally been related to the Illuminati, another secret society with a hidden agenda. While many people fear the freemasons, they do not appear to present any harm, in fact they promote equality among men.


The Illuminati is a very real group founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 Bavaria. The organization was founded upon a mixture of Rosicrucian, Cabalistic mysticism, Gnosticism, and even masonry. They refer to themselves as the ‘bearers of light’ and promise enlightenment. However, many people were afraid that they were meant to eliminate christianity, and placing illuminati leaders in charge around the world. The illuminati is ideally blamed for some of the world’s worst disasters and secret government operations. There is no proof that the illuminati still exists today…

The Skull and Bones

The skull and bones society of Yale university was founded by William H Russell in 1832 and was previously called the Eulogium Club. The skull and bones society consisted of some of the most important and influential people in the world, including three United States presidents. They still meet today at their founded tomb of secrets. The tomb consists of a vine covered, windowless, brown stone hall that was constructed to house their occult meetings and rituals. Inside the tomb there is a lodge room 324 that is fitted in black velvet all around, and another lodge room 322 is called the sanctum sanctorium, fitted in red velvet and displaying a pentagram upon the wall. People today even believe they have put people in place to construct the overturn of the world order.

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