According to a study from the University of Texas, the perfect body is a not quite what you might expect. Sure, we all have our own preferences but this overall seems to be the ‘most perfect.’

For their study, they went over different things to find the body stereotype of perfect and a model to use as an example. Their findings showed that the perfect woman was a height of 1.68 and measures of 99-63-91. This all being without surgery of course. The model they found to represent this size was Kelly Brook.

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According to the scientists, Kelly Brook is ‘completely natural and scientifically perfect.’ However, despite her body being considered ‘perfect’ she still does and has for basically, her whole life suffered because of her body. Many people tell her that she is too big and poke fun at her for even being a model at all.

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Now, while the ideal woman is plump and does have some meat on her bones, most of the models we see are still paper thin toothpicks. Why is that? Basically, it is because models are dehumanized when you really think about it. The clothes being advertised on the runway were not made to fit them, the models were made to fit the clothing. Now, I know that might sound a bit odd but stay with me.

The smaller the model the more the clothing will stand out. Models are basically coat hangers for the clothes that they wear. People are being used as props and meant to be in the background. This creates a culture where young girls are trying to look like the models they see and as times are changing they don’t seem to be changing fast enough.

The concept around the runway and the thin models on it have led women everywhere to feel bad about themselves and causes eating disorders for many. While I know this seems to have gotten slightly off topic, I think that the ‘scientifically perfect’ woman is someone we should keep on our minds when we are feeling down and out about our bodies. She is not paper thin and she has curves, there is nothing wrong with loving the skin you are in.

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