Reincarnation is something many people across the globe believe deeply in but is there more to it than mere belief? Some scientists seem to think so.

Just a couple years back Dr. Jim Tucker actually wrote on this. His book was titled “Life After Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives.” The idea in general of this sort of thing has me in awe. Could those ‘memories’ most children have actually prove to be real? Could these be recollections of their past lives?

Dr. Tucker worked intensely and was able to actually interview about 2,500 children who showed signs of reincarnation. These children had memories of past lives and some even had scars or so forth that matched with those who they claimed to be reincarnated from. Don’t get me wrong, consciousness is confusing but this might help things big time.

Dr. Tucker told NPR as follows during an interview:

“Some leading scientists in the past, like Max Planck, who’s the father of quantum theory, said that he viewed consciousness as fundamental and that matter was derived from it.”

“So in that case, it would mean that consciousness would not necessarily be dependent on a physical brain in order to survive, and could continue after the physical brain and after the body dies.”

“In these cases, it seems – at least, on the face of it – that a consciousness has then become attached to a new brain, and has shown up as past life memories.”

You see, those who recall their past lives do so at an early age by the time the child reaches seven they have all but forgotten their past. Their memories fade and things just no longer come to them. Dr. Tucker spent 15 years meeting different families and hearing the stories of these children, there is no doubt in my mind that his research is VERY important when it comes to understanding life after death and where we come from.

One chapter from Tucker’s book covers the story of a young boy named Ryan and it begins as follows:

We were able to piece together a picture of Marty Martyn’s life, and we could compare it to Ryan’s statements. In most of our cases, people have tried to see if a deceased person could be identified whose life matched the statements the child had made. Here, there was only one guy that Ryan could have been talking about because he had pointed to him in a picture. We weren’t trying to see if there was anyone whose life matched Ryan’s statements; we were looking to see if Marty Martyn’s did.

What we found was that though Ryan was off on some of the details, a lot of what he said was correct for Marty Martin. It had seemed unlikely that an extra with no lines would have danced on Broadway, had a big house with a swimming pool, and traveled the world on big boats. But Marty Martyn did.

Marty was born in Philadelphia in 1903. Ryan had talked a lot about a sister and also mentioned another one, and Marty had two sisters. His mother had curly brown hair, as Ryan as said. Ryan was right about dancing in New York, as Marty and one of his sisters went to New York to be dancers. He danced in various reviews on Broadway, and his sister became a well-known dancer there.

Marty then moved to Los Angeles, having a life in Hollywood as Ryan had described. He began as an extra as well as a dance director. He then became a Hollywood agent, not the secret agent kind but a talent agent. He set up the Marty Martyn Agency, where he had notable clients such as Glenn Ford. Ryan had talked about people changing their names with the agency, which would certainly be true for a talent agency. Marty had several connections to Rita Hayworth, and his daughter confirmed he probably did know her. He may well have interacted with Marilyn Monroe as well, as his wife’s family knew her.

Marty was a big sunbather, getting sunburns as Ryan had mentioned. Ryan said he used to take girlfriends to see the ocean, and there are pictures of Marty with girls on the beach. He enjoyed going there and watching surfers, which Ryan had said as well.

Marty was married four times. He became quite wealthy, and he and his last wife enjoyed an upscale lifestyle. Ryan said he had driven around Hollywood in a green car and that his wife drove a nice black car. Well, Marty’s wife didn’t actually do the driving, but they had a custom-made Rolls-Royce that was presumably a nice car. Ryan remembered an African American maid, and Marty and his wife had a number of them. Ryan said he owned a piano, and Marty had pianos in his house. The family lived in a fine house with a large swimming pool, as Ryan had described. Ryan said his address had Rock or Mount in it. And Marty Martyn’s last house, that fine home with the big swimming pool? It was located at 825 N. Roxbury.

What do you think about all of this? Could reincarnation be real?


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