Sure, there is a lot going on in the world of celestial bodies right now but chances are, the things you are focusing on aren’t the things you should be focusing on. Did you forget that Saturn was in retrograde?

Saturn is still retrograding and it is causing a lot of chaos for most of us. Saturn won’t be coming out of retrograde until September 6th and to make things even worse, it’s in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of Karma and because it is in retrograde we will be feeling its effects a lot worse.

For those who are being negatively affected by this retrograde, you probably already know Karma exists all too well and are feeling pretty down and out. The past, future, and present are all blurring into one and you feel stuck. You might have been neglecting those who are closest to you or being immature, regardless things have finally caught up to you now. You have to learn the lessons before you if you want to properly move on once all of this is said and done.

Until Saturn goes direct, there will be plenty of lessons coming forth that we need to learn. Don’t fight this, let this planet’s energies work for you so that you can be pushed forward in the long run. This is a very significant influence we should not be avoiding.

Pay attention to the things you are learning during this time and really let things sink in. The future will begin to look brighter as time goes on. Sometimes you have to weather the storm to get to the rainbow and sunshine to come. This is a great time for you to work within and figure things out for yourself.

Take control of your life and get things set straight for once. Even if chaos seems to be following you every step of the way the universe wouldn’t put it before you for no reason. Everything in this life holds meaning, find yours and run with it. There is always something good to come.

Also, if you are in your late 20s Saturn is also going to be bringing extra struggles your way because of the position it is now in. It is most likely currently returning to or in the position it was in at your time of birth. This is in some ways a moment of true realization for some. Saturn’s return is not something to take lightly.

Saturn is a very hard teacher to impress and you really have to go above and beyond to impress. This planet wants you to work hard and prove that you are doing so. You cannot fool her into taking things easy on you no matter how hard you try.

Saturn has a lot more control over our lives than you might think. Don’t let the things manifesting before you go to waste. Learn from the problems before you and grow into the person you are meant to be.


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