Saturn is in Capricorn currently and it is bringing about many different things that we need to be aware of. This is something we will be experiencing for quite some time.

If you feel more grounded, then you are experiencing these energies firsthand. Significant decisions will be made this year and Saturn being in Capricorn is going to help us make those decisions. We will be forced to be as present in the moment as we can possibly be.

While Saturn is in Capricorn we will be able to build up parts of ourselves that have been needing work. We will be able to share our burdens with others on a deeper level and really learn how to truly open up.

Saturn in Capricorn teaches us that we should take responsibility for ourselves and the things we do. We should be mature and act accordingly. This world is far too special for us to act immaturely on it. That being said, at some point during this time you may experience a deep sense of numbness. This will pass, remember that.

There are various positive things to come from Saturn being in Capricorn. You will be able to produce a greater effect on the things you want to in life. Because you will be more present things of the past will no longer be holding you back as they have been in more recent times.

Saturn is a planet that helps us to learn how to properly function. It does quite well in Capricorn and helps reveal our most authentic selves. Respect the energies coming your way and let them work through you. Everything happens for a reason and this is no exception.

While Saturn does not do much on its own it is quite powerful when coupled with the Capricorn. You will be building the foundation for something spectacular. This planet is going to be able to do great things for you.

Use this energy wisely and let the influence it has over your work in its own way. This battle is not one that will be easy in the long run but it is one you can win. You will succeed with hard work. The rewards to come are inevitable if you put your mind to what you are doing.

Do not let yourself feel trapped, these energies are not a trap. They are a gift. The things that are happening in your life right now might seem a bit off-center or even limiting, but they will all play out in the best ways. Rely on your support system when times get tough and see where things go.

Saturn in Capricorn holds more meaning than most realize. The planets and the stars are very important to us. We are all going through different things and yet the same.

Image via Jessica Davidson

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