On April 16th Saturn moved into retrograde, a shift that brings with it a significant shift in the spiritual energy that impacts our lives.

This is going to be a difficult time for most people, however, it is not something that we are going to be able to avoid. Instead, our best option is to prepare for the shift by educating ourselves on what to expect and how we can prepare ourselves to best manage the situation. While this is going to be challenging, good things came come if we work it to our advantage.

Retrograde is a point in a planet’s movement in which It appears to be going backwards. While the actual visual affect an optical illusion created by the speed at which the planet is moving in relation to Earth after passing us, the impact on the planet’s energy, experts argue, is very real.

Known as the ‘Planet of Karma,’ Saturn is associated with our responsibilities in life, reminding us of the job that we have been sent her to perform. In order to fully explore these tasks, and the reasons why we may not be accomplishing them, it will bring to light our obstacles, boundaries and limitations. Usually, Saturn motivates us in these areas, propelling us forward and motivation us to succeed in all that we are meant to do.

When Saturn is in retrograde, however, the energy that it provides is centered around the concept of Karma, reminding us of the errors of our ways, mistakes of our past, and situations that we still need to atone for before we can let them go and move forward towards our goals and dreams. This time is marked by a blurring of time, with the past, present and future all before us equally and demanding our attention.

You are expected to learn a valuable lesson during this time. Pay attention with an open heart and mind and accept what the Universe is trying to teach you. Ignoring the lesson will do you no good as it will simply repeat itself until you do. In many cases, it will become harsher and more painful as time goes on, hammering that lesson home. Avoid the unnecessary pain and upset by embracing the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve early on.

While this is an annual event, with Saturn remaining in retrograde for approximately 140 days, there is a unique energy and less to be learned associated with each year. For 2018, this lesson revolves largely around communication – your internal communication with the thoughts that you entertain, as well as the words that you use when communicating with others. Situations from the past that may come up specifically in 2018 include incidents of bullying or teasing in your past, or times of poor mental health and poor self-talk.

They key is to learn to replace these negative thoughts with positive, motivating and inspirational messages. Allow your mind to propel you forward rather than hold you back. It can be an incredibly powerful tool when used effectively.

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