Russia Announced they Have Found an Alien Spaceship Wreckage in the Ice

By February 8, 2017 Rabbit Hole

Valentin Degterev believes that he may have found the crash site and wreckage of an Alien spacecraft. Furthermore, he states that he discovered the UGO (unidentified ground objects) by use of Google Earth.

Degterev found what he believes to be the wreckage of an alien spacecraft in Antarctica. With Google Earth, Degterev, who refers to himself as a researcher of the unknown, zoomed in on a dark area until he could see the shape of what he explains is a crashed UFO.

‘I think there is very large disc-shaped flying machine among the frozen ice,’ he claimed.

And anyone who is interested in seeing the strange image can put coordinates 80°34’08.4″S 30°05’19.3″W into Google Maps.

Many have dismissed the claim by saying that the image is nothing more than a crack in the ice, which is otherwise known as a crevasse. However, Degterev disagrees. He speculates that the size of the whole is around 204-foot across. Antarctica is around 5.4 million square miles. If a UFO did indeed land there, it would be nearly impossible for the human population to know.

While Degterev explained that he doesn’t “know exactly what it is,” he went on to say, “It is definitely not a polar station, nor a plane, as there aren’t any airplanes or helicopters this big in the world.

“There also aren’t any (Earthly) ships lost in Antarctica.

“It seems this is a man-made object from the distant cosmos.”

Unfortunately, without anyone making the trip to Antarctica to investigate the area, it is impossible to know whether Mr. Degterev is correct or not. What can be said for the situation, is that thanks to Google Earth, if something strange such as a UFO landing did occur, it would be easier for the regular population to see it. Of course, the indention in the snow could truly be anything. But, what if he is right? What do you think?

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