While most of us have grown up drinking cow’s milk, we have been told time and time again that it’s ‘good for us,’ but is it? Well, in recent years many have been speaking out against drinking cow’s milk and with good reason.

I recently came across an interview by DM with Professor Bodo Melnik. While the interview is short and merely consists of about ten questions, the answers found within it are quite eye-opening, to say the least. When asked if milk really did the body good Melnik said that lots of compounds within milk could be doing more harm than we realize.

When asked about the substances within like miRNAs and galactose he said as follows:

Persistent activation of mTORC1 promotes age-dependent diseases. mTORC1 is activated by BCAAs such as leucine which are abundant in whey (14%) and casein (10%) proteins. Milk-derived microRNAs such as microRNA-148a not only promote lactation performance but also adipogenesis in humans. The microRNAs of milk are an arachaic signaling system, which explains their sequence homology between human and bovine species. They survive pasteurization and with the invention of the refrigerator were spread into civilized societies. Notably, microRNA-148a, the most abundant microRNA of milk, promotes lactation performance and milk yield and is overexpressed in high-performance dairy cows.

With the selection of high-performance dairy cows, pasteurization and refrigeration, civilized societies are persistently exposed to milk´s microRNA signaling. MicroRNAs control about 60% of human genes. With the introduction of bovine microRNAs into the human food chain, which are able to regulate human gene expression, humans got under gene control by another species, the dairy cow. The microRNA system of cow´s milk has the natural purpose to promote anabolism and growth of the calf, but not of human beings for lifetime. In contrast, fermentation, boiling and ultraheat treatment destroys milk´s micro RNA system, which explains why fermented milk products have a reduced risk profile.

Melnik actually has several scientific papers with his name attached to them that go over how milk consumption could be contributing to western illnesses as a whole. He says that when it comes to disease promotion increased consumption of milk can cause obesity, type 2 diabetes, acne, prostate cancer, and even Parkinson’s disease. He also mentions that there is strong evidence that dairy food and milk, in general, don’t have any benefits for our bones at all like we are led to believe. There could actually be a link between milk consumption and the risk of hip fractures!

To go over the full interview yourself click here. What do you think about all of this?

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