While science has proven many things, this experiment, in particular, proves a disturbing truth many refuse to believe.  The Milgram experiment is one people have thought back to time and time again.

The results of this experiment apply to even modern day as almost everyone is willing to electrocute someone else just because they were told to do so. This experiment was first conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram back in the early 1960s. This experiment has been highly controversial with good reason.

To begin with, it was based on the behavior of Nazi underlings who Milgram thought to possibly be inherently evil. For this experiment, one person acts as an observer while another works as a learner. Both are willing participants and the observer asks the learner a number of questions. When the learner gets a question wrong the observer is to press a button that essentially electrocutes the learner causing him or her to wince in pain.

The observer is told that each time they press the button the strength grows stronger but in reality, the learner is not being electrocuted at all. They are actually stooges placed into the experiment who are told to get specific questions incorrect. The point of this experiment is to see how long the participant continues before he or she can no longer handle doing this to others.

A new study has been conducted on this experiment and published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. It was the very first Milgram experiment to be carried out in Eastern Europe and 90 percent of those who participated made it through the whole ordeal, bit concerning isn’t it?

It is quite saddening to know that even now people are willing to do bad things to innocent people without reason. This study suggests that humanity will do just about anything that it is told to do. That being said, these researchers did find that women were more likely to refuse to carry out commands in regards to this. What do you think about the Milgram experiment?

Could you electrocute someone else just because you were told to do so? I am not surprised by these results. We are a world full of sheep.

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