We all need different things in our relationships. Some of us need more stability and others, not so much.

In life, there will be many men who come and go but one specific kind will really stick around. Sure, the idea that we have just one soulmate is both a good and a bad thing but whether or not you believe it doesn’t really matter. Even if there is more than one person that you could potentially spend your life with they still need to encompass all that you truly need.

Below we are going to go over what kind of guy each sign really needs in their life and what that means for them. This is the kind of guy you should be waiting for. Don’t settle in life or in love.


You need a guy who can really help you work through your competitive streak. Someone that wants to work just as hard as you do. You need a person that can really help you to better open up.


You need a guy that is going to be there for you even in your worst moments. Someone that knows when to back off and let you calm down. You are quite the fireball and you need someone that can counter that in your relationship.


You need a guy that will not be too judgmental. You are very moody and emotional sometimes but you cannot help it. You need someone that likes to listen and converse not someone that is going to constantly tell you that ‘you talk too much.’


You need a guy that is just as clingy as you are. You tend to overwhelm people but if someone is the same way towards you things work well. You want all of the attention directed towards this one specific person and it’s hard to find someone who is okay with not having many if any boundaries with you.


You need a guy that is going to share the spotlight with you and not overshadow you. Someone that is not going to hold you back but is also not afraid to call you out on your shit. You really have to have someone who can match you on the deepest levels.


You need a guy that is going to let you know when you have crossed a line. Someone who is going to calm you down when you’re feeling out of whack and someone who can really speak to you on a personal level. You can relate to a lot of things but speaking one on one is hard for you.


You need a guy that isn’t going to get frustrated with you easily. Someone that can keep up with your wit and sense of humor. You are quite interesting, to say the least.


You need a guy that doesn’t mind how moody you can be. You need someone that is just as possessive as you are but also knows how to chill. You demand respect and he has to be willing to give it to you for things to work.


You need a guy that can go the extra mile for you. Someone that makes you feel at home no matter where you are. This kind of person is hard to find and even harder to keep. Because you are so flighty, this person has to really stand out and make you think ‘wow.’


You need a guy that doesn’t mind how unconventional you are. Someone that likes how peculiar the routes you choose to take are. You are a bit offputting at first but in the end, if he can get over that and see you for who you are he might just be ‘the one.’


You need a guy that cares about the world and the issues in it as much as you do. If you find yourself with an average stick in the mud you will not hang around for long. You are hard to tame and don’t like wasting time.


You need a guy that can make you show your true colors. Someone who brings out your vulnerable side in a good way. Pisces are not known to be emotionally expressive so if you are showing that side of yourself something special is happening.


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