Wrapping our heads around the idea of a 4th dimension is not as crazy as it might sound. Physicists have been working to explore this possibility for quite some time.

Two more recent studies published in the journal Nature have seemed to provide evidence in different manners of a ‘fourth dimension.’ These two papers both focused on very different experimental approaches. That being said, they both came to similar conclusions about the fourth dimension.

These researchers set out to observe the quantum Hall effect which is the movement of electrons within a material limited to two dimensions. As this material passes through a magnetic field perpendicularly it can be extended in four spatial dimensions. Our world exists in three spatial dimensions and these researchers set out to see the effects of a fourth spatial dimension detected within our three-dimensional word.

For one of these two experiments, researchers studied the behavior of light particles moving through a specially made glass that bounced light back and forth between its edges. They noted irregularities that could only be made possible if a fourth dimension was working without being seen.

Mikael Rechtsman, a professor at Penn State University who worked on one of these papers told Gizmodo as follows:

“Physically, we don’t have a 4D spatial system, but we can access 4D quantum Hall physics using this lower-dimensional system because the higher-dimensional system is coded in the complexity of the structure,”

“Maybe we can come up with new physics in the higher dimension and then design devices that take advantage the higher-dimensional physics in lower dimensions.”

Both studies seem to have been brought to the same conclusion, there is evidence of the fourth dimension on some level. That being said, we cannot access the 4D world. We are stuck in 3D. You can gain a bit more insight of the fourth dimension by checking out the video below. Think of it as if we were in a video game on a 2D level threw into a 3D world, our perspective would not change but minor differences or distortions would be noted, right?

While we can’t visit the fourth dimension in time we will better understand it. We have plenty of evidence that it does exist. What do you think about all of this?

Image via Midnight in the Desert


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