Sure, we go through many different things in this life, but relationships make up a huge part of the things we go through.

No relationship is perfect and even if we love each other we will still have problems at one point or another. Challenges and change are what shape the relationship. The way we respond to things and how we grow be it together or apart all make a huge difference. We all have our faults and because of this learning to love someone despite their flaws is sometimes hard.

The best kind of relationship is one in which you can be there for each other without judgment. You make the best of everything and really stay strong for each other. No challenge is too big, overcoming obstacles is not as complicated as it seems when you really love someone. Commitment and respect are only two of the many things needed to grow a real lasting relationship.

You have to be willing to stick around even when you and this person aren’t getting along too well. You have to be willing to listen and to speak. If you refuse to go all in nothing is going to last. It is choosing one another each and every day. Waking up and putting both your needs and their needs on the same level. When it comes to being in a real relationship you have to be able to confront all of the things that make you vulnerable together.

A real relationship is when you find someone who isn’t perfect, someone just like you and you love them in a way that is perfect. Love is the only perfect thing that exists in this world and it isn’t the perfect everyone expects it to be. It is painful and hard and can be a bit too much sometimes but it is also worth it. Without all of the things that we go through together, happiness wouldn’t be possible.

Love is not what the movies or fairytales make it out to be. It’s not prince charming coming to the rescue over and over again. It is creating a life with someone willing to put forth the same amount of effort that you do and are. It is finding perfection within the imperfections and not letting this world tear you apart.

No one is going to come in a sweep you off of your feet. Be aware of yourself and those around you and everything will eventually present itself. Love is one of the best experiences we have in this world. Real love is not all roses and chocolates. It is crying at three am on his shoulder and sitting up all night talking through everything that is bothering you in life. It is raw and full of emotion.


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