We all know that narcissists tend to say one thing and mean another. They say specific things just to get us on their side but they do not mean those things.

It’s like they use a completely different language. They mean everything in an abusive way whether we can see it or not. Sure, their words may seem sincere but I assure you, they are not. Below I am going to go over some of the common phrases you might hear from a narcissist when in a relationship with one and what real meaning lies behind their words.

What Narcissists Really Mean When They Say These 12 Things:

1. “You’re too jealous.”

They might say this or something similar to this in order to make you feel bad for competing for their attention. They want you to feel like you are wrong for feeling the way that you feel all the while they want to keep making you feel it. They feel like they are entitled to all you have to offer and everything else as well.

2. “We’re just friends, grow up.”

They will lie to you and tell you that their side pieces are their friends but they aren’t. Those people are either being used in the same ways you are or are his or her backup plans for when they are done with you. They will do their best to make you feel like you are falsely accusing them of something even when you aren’t.

3. “I love you.”

They mean ‘I love using you.’ They only want you to think they love you but truthfully there is no such thing as love to them. They want to be in control of you and to them that is basically ‘close enough.’

4. “Stop being so insecure.”

They want you to feel insecure, they say this because they truly believe you are nothing without them. They want you to feel bad about yourself and want you to be more hooked on the toxic relationship. They don’t want to build you up so this is about as close to a compliment as you will get from them.

5. “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

They will not ever apologize directly for the things they do because they don’t feel they have done anything wrong. They will apologize for the way you reacted to the things they are doing but to be honest that apology is not a sincere one. It is just a way of avoiding your emotions.

6. “You’re overreacting.”

They will say this even when your completely normal reaction is justifiable. They do this to make you doubt yourself in all ways possible. They want you to trust them and not trust yourself.

7. “I won’t do it again, don’t worry.”

They will do it again, time and time again. The way you feel doesn’t matter to this person. He or she only says what they want to say to get you off of their back, their words are not filled with any kind of meaning.

8. “Why are you so sensitive?”

They love making you so worked up that you cannot contain yourself only to call you too sensitive. This is a game to them. They want to really make you feel smaller than you have before.

9. “You’re so crazy.”

You aren’t crazy but they want you to feel like you are. They want to make you so upset that you lash out only to act as if you are the one making the commotion for no reason. They do this so that you can look crazy in front of everyone else. It gets people off of your side and on their side.

10. “You will never find anyone else as good as me.”

They really think that they are the best thing that has ever happened to you even if they aren’t. They know other people would not do the things that they do but they don’t give two shits either way. They want to make you so invested in them that you could never leave.

11. “Not everything is about you.”

They make everything about themselves if you begin to talk about yourself or something that matters to you they will cut you off and make you feel rude for having said anything. They want to always be the center of the conversation.

12. “You have too many trust issues.”

They say this to make you question yourself. Even when they are the most untrustworthy person in the world they will still say this. They want you to think that you are the one with the problem even when you aren’t.

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