There are several different kinds of empaths and each one holds its own special gifts that make it even more unique than most realize. For those who might not be aware empaths on a universal level are people who are able to absorb the emotions of other people and take them on as their own.

Psychic empaths are empaths with abilities that make them much more connected to the people and things around them on a telepathic level. They are able to sense thoughts and read into things most other people would not be capable of. These kinds of empaths can often feel things before they happen and have very insightful dreams.

Because of their powers, they are quite self-aware and in some cases even able to focus their energies on non-living things. As we move forth into this state of becoming awakened empaths are becoming more and more prominent in society as a whole. Psychic empaths are extremely crucial in aligning this planet with the future we were meant to create.

Psychic Elements wrote as follows in regards to how the gift of these empaths work on their website:

Psychic empaths by their very nature feel the world around them in emotional terms. When an empath greets you, even as they see you with their eyes, they feel the emotional impact of your presence. It is an extra sense, actually, one that would leave them feeling naked if they did not have it. This is the basis of some people being able to tell when someone speaks the truth or speaks lies. With their sense, psychic empaths feel the emotions running through you, and as you speak, they identify the areas that need healing and guidance. Often a session with a psychic empath is very calming because of working with someone who totally understands your emotions and accepts them for what they are.

Working with a psychic empath can be a rewarding experience. The empath’s ability to tune into your emotions can be relaxing and revealing. He or she can help you work through difficult emotional issues by identifying emotional blocks and help you work through them, giving you valuable insight into your own motives. Understand that the empath isn’t going to give you “information from beyond the veils” because that is not his or her purpose. But if you are stuck on an issue, and can’t work your past it a psychic empath reading is for you.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a psychic empath or not you should travel within to see if the signs are present. Psychic empaths will be more in tune with their senses, be able to see through the lies of others, feel things others cannot, and use your heightened intuition for good. Empaths were placed here to work towards positivity and growth in this world and doing exactly that will allow you to truly achieve more than you could ever imagine.

While we do not know how empaths are picked or exactly how these gifts work we do know that they are quite present in this world. Some people are much more in tune with their truest form than others and if you’re an empath working to discover yourself is very important. To learn more about psychic empaths please check out the video below.

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