The first week of July is significantly important for astrologists and those who believe in the power of astrological energy, however, the gateway of powerful energy we are about to experience is unknown to many. Learn more about this incredible influence in order to harness its power in your own life.

From July 3rd until July 7th we will experience an incredible shift in the energy that we are feeling due to the gateway that is activated between Earth and the star Sirius. Sirius can be found in the Canis Major constellation, it is known as the brightest star visible in the sky here on Earth. It has played a significant role in the beliefs of many cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians and old Sumerians.

Once a year, at the start of July, Sirius moves into a position closest to the Earth, while the Sun is significantly further away, influencing us from a distance. The close proximity of Sirius allows it to overtake the usual energy flow of the sun, becoming what is known as the Earth’s ‘Spiritual Sun.’ This is a time of spiritual advancement and discovery. You will find yourself challenged on what you believe and why calling your spiritual self and your current spiritual journey into question.

This isn’t a negative force, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You aren’t questioning your spiritual journey because you are unsure of whether it plays an important role in your life. Instead, you are questioning what you are doing to truly move forward, refocusing your efforts.

Astrologists believe that during the time of the Sirius Gateway we receive a direct ‘download’ of spiritual energy straight from the star itself, which provides the necessary boost that we need in that area of our lives. It strengthens and empowers our spiritual resolve, challenging us to take steps out of our comfort zone towards true awakening. It is only through this effort that we are able to become more advanced and evolved beings. This is a development that will be experienced by everyone due to the way that it sweeps the Earth, moving the entire human race forward, however, those that are prepared to embrace and leverage this energy can benefit from it on an even deeper level.

During the coming days, take the time for some serious self-reflection in relation to your spiritual self. Consider what efforts you have taken in the recent past to grow and evolve, and how you can work to continue to advance your spiritual journey. If there has been something preventing you from taking these steps, you will find that the Sirius Gateway will alleviate many of your concerns. Limitations like self-doubt, lack of confidence or insecurity will be alleviated for a short period of time, allowing you to raise your consciousness and get more in tune both with your own spiritual energy and that of the Universe. This is a great time to practice aura cleansing, preparing yourself for the growth and improvements to come.

You will also experience a boost in creativity, awareness and intuition, spiritual gifts that will serve you well if embraced and used in a positive manner.  This is an ideal time to reach out to your spirit guides and guardian angels as the increased levels of intuition and awareness will strengthen any attempts to communicate. Don’t miss this important opportunity!

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