We are all going through the process of becoming awake. Some of us are more awake than others and all of us are working to better ourselves and raise our vibrations/frequencies.

Energetic shifts happen much more often than you might think. These things keep our frequencies moving forward. As the higher dimensions call out to us, the limited reality we are living within begins to expand. You can shift from 3D to 4D now if you are truly ready to do so.

It seems in recent times, for some of us, 3D has completely merged with 4D and things are really heating up. As we continue on we will be connecting more and more with our higher selves. Because of this shift, new levels of consciousness will make themselves known. The higher you end up the more prominent your vibration will be. This is in itself a DNA activation like no other.

Chances are if you were one of those people affected by this shift to 4D you are feeling very intense energies right now. Your ability to predict things and really resonate with the world around you is growing. You are able to see far more of this world than you could before. Reality has been expanding for you and new things are making their way into your energy field.

Do not be afraid, this is all going to make sense soon. Do your best to remain as grounded as you possibly can during this time. Balance will find you when you least expect it. the 4D world is a world of magic, it is often referred to as the dream world. It is much less dense and more fluid than the 3D world you are used to. During your time on this plane of existence, anything is possible.

The 4D world connects darkness and light as one. Do not be overwhelmed, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. While it might feel like you are not in the same body or like you are on the outside looking in as time goes by you will settle into things. Once your being gets used to the frequency at which you are vibrating everything will normalize within your own mind.

Full transparency is well on its way once you reach this dimension. While things will be a little out of whack you will truly be seeing others for who they are. Their intentions will be quite clear to you right off of the bat. This is a scary step in the right direction, don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.

Image via The Awakened State

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