There is a full moon coming up and it means a lot for us all. This full moon is going to be in Sagittarius and it is going to be working with us all to expand our minds in ways we might not realize we are ready for.

This full moon will be on May 29th and will push us to get in touch with who we really are. This full moon is the May full moon is also known as the Flower Moon. It is going to be at 8 degrees Sagittarius and will be affecting us all for at least a few weeks even once it is over.

During this full moon, our emotions are going to be reaching their full peak. They are going to be far more intense than you think and you need to be prepared. While the Sun is in Gemini you are going to be feeling great so these emotions are going to hit you out of nowhere. You are going to be ready for plenty of adventures and invite positive change into your life.

This full moon will bring some very positive things forth. You see, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and pushes us forward to live our lives more boldly. You are going to be much more sensitive and you might have trouble holding back but as long as you remain grounded everything will be just fine. Now, in order to counter these intense energies, you need a plan.

Below I am going to go over some of the ritualistic things you should do to help yourself energetically through this full moon. This is not going to take long and it will be fairly simple. These are things I try to do every full moon and they really help me to remain where I need to be within myself.

Full Moon in Sagittarius ‘Ritual’:

Things Needed:

Smudge Sticks
Writing Utensil


On the night of the full moon smudge your surroundings. Go through your whole house and smudge, cleanse the air. This will get any and all negative energies out of your way. You can come up with your own mantra to recite or you can find one online to use. It does not have to be complex, just remember that it needs to revolve around cleansing.

Once you have done the proper smudging light your candles and sit in the candlelight. You can sit and meditate or you can wait and meditate last, that is up to you. Using the writing utensil and paper write down anything you want to let go of during this full moon and anything that is bothering you. Then burn it in the candle.

If you did not meditate yet, once the paper has burned sit still and close your eyes. Think about where you want to go from here for a moment and empty your mind from there. Envision your personal energy getting stronger and sit for as long as you feel you need to. Once you have done this and feel you are done, blow out the candles. You have now completed the ritual.

It is that simple. It doesn’t have to be too crazy or out there, even the smallest things can and do make the biggest differences. This is something that really makes a huge difference in how I feel through the weeks following the full moon.

Image via Collective Evolution

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