On January 1st we will not just be welcoming in a New Year, but we are also going to welcome the first full moon of 2018. Further adding to the excitement, this first full moon is also a Supermoon known as the Wolf Moon.

Full moons represent times of change, new starts and rebirth – what better way to start a New Year? This is a great opportunity to reconsider your goals and dreams, and the path that you are currently taking to get there. The final days leading into 2018 are pivotal. During this time, you need to truly reassess where you are in your life and what needs to change in order to propel you forward. Among these, pay attention to your self-esteem and self-talk, ensuring that you are helping to encourage and motivate yourself to succeed rather than holding yourself back.

The first of 2 full moons in the month of January, the Wolf Moon is a time of forgiveness, understanding, transformation and overcoming the challenges that we face. It will bring a rush of energy which will cause heightened emotions and increased motivation, empowering you to take the steps necessary to accomplish great things. Allow yourself to focus on your vision for the coming year, trusting your intuition guide your way.

While 2017 was a year of new beginnings, 2018 is a time of personal growth and development. This is a year to focus specifically on the ways that you need to change, grow and evolve in order to become the best person that you can be. This will not always be easy as you are forced to confront some of your weaknesses and flaws head-on. Push through the discomfort of this process keeping your eyes focused on the end goal, and you will reap the benefits of all your hard work.

The following ritual will help you to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for the coming shift in energy – optimizing the way the energy of this full moon can work in and through you in the coming month.


Cancer Super Full Moon Cleansing Ritual 2018

This ritual is designed to prepare your mind, body and soul for the changing energies that you will be experiencing in the coming year. In order to perform this ritual, you will need sage bound for smudging, a bowl of water and a blend of your favorite essential oils. You may choose your essential oils based on your specific goals from this ritual, however, some oils that are known for their ability to cleanse and purify the body include peppermint, juniper, grapefruit, rosemary and laurel.

#1 – Begin by lighting your sage. You will need to perform a smudging ritual to purify your body as well as the space in which you are carrying out this ritual. Direct the smoke over your body starting at your feet and working your way up to your head and then back down again. Visualize any toxins, darkness or negative energies leaving your body. Once you have purified yourself, start cleansing the space that you are in. Direct the smoke into each corner of the space and across any windows or doorways.

#2 – Once both you and your space have been cleansed, it is time to proceed with the rest of the ritual. Taking your bowl of water, added your desired essential oils. Trust your intuition on which oils you will be using as the Universe will ensure that you are drawn to those that you need most. Stir the water gently with your finger, while repeating the following affirmation 9 times:

“I seal this water with the power of self-love. I seal this water with the wisdom and power that comes from within. I am strong, I am light. I deserve to love myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to let go of any pains and to see the beauty in all of life. I am strong. I am light. I love myself.”

As you conclude this affirmation for the 9th time, you want to use the power of vibration to dispel any negative energies that may be within the room. This may be done by playing a musical instrument, putting on your favorite music, or simply by clapping you stomping your feet.

#3 – Once you have completed the ritual take your bowl of water to the shower with you. Allow yourself to focus on the many different aspects of yourself that you love as you pour the water overhead. As the end of the water drains away, taking with it any negativity or hindrances in your self-love journey. At this time, you can shower as you would normally, preparing to step forward with your new mindset of self-love.

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