Don’t panic, yes, Mercury is officially in retrograde but there is nothing to be afraid of. As of July 26th, things will be quite confusing and frustrating but that does not mean that you should be closing yourself off.

Mercury retrograde is going to be increasing the number of conflicts and problems coming before you but it isn’t going to be breaking you down as badly as you think it is. Most of the harder things to come will be on a more mental level than physical. You will be going through a lot of unexpected changes and as the days continue on you might be feeling pretty angry and worked up.

You have to really be working as hard as you can to communicate properly during this time and really correct any mistakes that come up. Mercury will be retrograde until about August 19th and until then you might be noticing lots of critical repercussions. Just do your best to remain as open-minded as possible and think your actions through as best you can.

Mercury collects things from our past and really makes sure that those things come back up when you least expect them to. Sometimes it is hard to really grasp the meaning of their messages but really breaking them down will benefit you greatly. Any painful truths you have been locking away will be rising to the surface from now until August. Waiting until the retrograde is over before reacting is something that will prove to be hard but also allow you to see things from the proper perspective.

Sure, Mercury retrograde can be chaotic and stressful but getting through it is not as complicated as it seems. It is the perfect time to slow down and relax. It is a moment that should be relished. You should do your best to listen to your inner voice during this time. This is not the time to act or make any huge decisions.

What do you think about all of this? I hope I come out on the other side of this retrograde having worked through some things.

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