The full moon coming up in Sagittarius is one we all need to be aware of. While you might not often think very much about these kinds of things the energies associated with this one are going to be much more intense considering the things going on currently in the celestial world.

While some star signs will be affected more-so than the others they will all be feeling the things that this moon will be bringing forth. For those who may not be familiar the energies of the Sagittarius are very adventurous and can be quite nerve-wracking. When combined with the normal energies of the full moon it is a very positive kind of intensity.

Also, during this time Jupiter is also trine Neptune that meaning that we are going to be noticing an increase in strength and our beliefs. We will be harboring more feelings of optimism and provided with an opportunity to really allow any negative emotions or energies we have been holding onto to melt away.

This full moon is also known as the Flower moon and it is going to be a very healing experience for us all and will not allow us to run from anything anymore. We will be faced with the truth and from there it will be our decision to move forward on a new path or sulk. Your intuition will be heightened and things will all work out whether you think they will or not.

While things may feel like a bit of a balancing act for a few days everything will settle down relatively quick. You are going to be experiencing heavy feelings of responsibility. While some of the things you are currently feeling or will be feeling might seem out of place but you will all see the reasons for it in the near future.

Image via Forever Conscious

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