Throughout the Universe, we are all connected, and any change or shift in this Universal energy can impact and influence our lives, sometimes in profound ways. In the study of astrology, each of the planets is associated with a different area of your life, different ‘needs’ or ‘drives’ as psychologists most often refer to them.

The energy of each of the planets is, in turn, influenced by the zodiac sign that they are in at any given moment. When a planet moves from one zodiac to another, this energy shifts bringing about a change in our lives.

This is the type of shift that just occurred yesterday as Mercury moved into Taurus, where it will remain until May 29th. Known to astrologists as ‘The Planet of Communication,’ a planet whose influence is associated with all forms of communication, including that which occurs within our own thoughts and self-talk. Energy from Mercury can influence your logic and reasoning skills as well as your ability to effectively express yourself to others. If you are planning a major presentation, or need to have an important discussion with someone, you may want to pay specific attention to where Mercury is at the time.

The energy of Mercury can help us to develop some amazing ideas on how we may be able to handle various situations in our lives, however, for the most part, these ideas are just that, ideas. This is further influenced by the fact that the planet was previously in the fast-thinking and impulsive sign of Aries. You were likely able to brainstorm an incredible list of potential solutions, however, your efforts ended there. Now, under the influence of the grounded and reliable sign of Taurus, you will begin to take these thoughts to the next level as abstract thoughts become well laid out plans.

In fact, the influence of Taurus couldn’t be more opposite from that of Aries, as you find your communication style is slower, carefully considered and deliberate. You will avoid sharing your thoughts and opinions until you are sure that they apply to the situation at hand and will benefit everyone involved. While this may be difficult for those of you who usually thrive in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Try to be patient with yourself and others – while it may take longer to reach a conclusion, the decisions that are made during this time will be effective and efficient, propelling you forward in life.

The practical nature of Taurus makes this a time of action (albeit slow-moving action). If you have been considering a difficult conversation for some time now, such as asking for a raise or moving a relationship to the next level, this is the time to take that step forward. It may take longer to get around to what you want, but those changes that are triggered during Taurus are more likely to last long term. You will discover that you are able to communicate exactly what you are thinking in a well-worded, concise and practical manner, avoiding unnecessary tangents. This will help you truly get your point across. One word of caution, however – Taurus is a sign that thrives on reality and isn’t going to allow you to play games. If you are looking to manipulate or deceive someone to get your way, you aren’t going to be very effective.

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