Police Office Says They Are Hiding the Cure for Cancer

By February 9, 2017 Health, Rabbit Hole, Video

In the following video, Sergeant Ric Schiff describes his experience with cancer and the treatments available. In the heartbreaking commentary, Schiff explains how he lost his four-year-old daughter and why currently available treatments are failing humanity.

Pointing to his now 7-year-old daughter Schiff states that at one point, she had an identical twin. Unfortunately, her sister died at the age of four. After developing a tumor on her brain, cancer spread throughout her spine and the rest of her brain. The doctors provided two options, to either let her die at home or allow the doctors to conduct massive dosages of chemo and radiation simultaneously. Even with treatment, her prognosis wasn’t good. The doctors felt that he would lose his precious daughter either way.

Hoping for the best, he took his daughter in for treatment. The treatment was so harsh on his child that her hair fell out and never came back and she was left with second-degree burns. Her urine was so toxic that her diapers had to be changed with rubber gloves. She survived the treatment, yet she still had cancer after six months. The doctors explained they had done everything they could and that she would die within a few months.

Schiff refused to give up and read a book by Dr. Burzynski about an alternative treatment, known as Antineoplaston. After eighteen months, they discontinued treatment, as her tumor was gone. She was cancer free for eighteen more months. Within a month, the cancer was back and spreading. They put her back on the alternative treatment, and after nine weeks she was cancer free again.

Sadly, despite that, she died in the following July from neurological necrosis, which basically means that the radiation destroyed her brain until it fell apart. Instead of dying from cancer, which the autopsy proved was gone, she died due to the treatment that was provided. Instead of the FDA approving alternative treatments that have no detrimental side effects, it had approved the extremely toxic regimen that perpetuated her fate.

The negative side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation are not hidden from the public either. What is hidden from the public is the fact that there are alternative treatments that are effective. Instead, doctors insist that the only way for a patient to have a positive outcome is to put them through treatments that completely tear the patient’s mind, body, and soul down. It is due time that our government, medical professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry discontinue their backing for treatments that are expensive and deadly. Furthermore, it is time that the truth is told regarding natural alternatives that work. Don’t you agree?

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