As you most likely know it is Pisces season. This bringing with it a strong sense of confusion and a period of transition.

Now for this article, you will need to know what your life path number is so before we get started I want to go over how to get that. Our life path number is quite simple to come up with but can be confusing so pay attention. First off reduce your birthdate to one single digit number For instance if I was using my birthday my number would be 8.

You get this number as follows:

Say your birthday is June 15th, 1994 start off by taking the June or 0+6, you get 6. Now the 15 would be 1 + 5 which is also 6. After this, you go big with the year, 1994. This boiling down to 1+9+9+4, at this point you are left with 23. 2 + 3 is 5 so now we add them all together 6 + 6 +5 which are 17 and that is 1 + 7 and thus we are left with the number 8. I know it can seem a bit complicated but you can do it.

Now, once you have your life path number take a look below and see what it has in store for you. There is just so much more going on behind the scenes that we need to be more aware of. Numerology and things of the sort are very important and can benefit us greatly if we use them correctly.

Life Path Number Meaning:

LP #1

You are someone who is often conflicted within but you rarely ever let it show. This needs to stop. You are only making people angrier. Sure, success is important but it is not everything, you need to realize that.

LP #2

Your intuition is far more heightened now than it has been for quite some time. This is for a good reason. You are going to be using it a lot more in the week to come. Be careful but also don’t forget what is important to you.

LP #3

You are someone who makes the best out of any and all situations you end up in. Stop being so jumbled and put your mind to one thing. If you are able to focus then you are well on your way, This season also offers a great sense of closure if you are into that kind of thing.

LP #4

You need to be more realistic. You aren’t going anywhere as you are now. Sure, life is tough but you got this. I for one like to squeeze my stress ball when I’m nervous

LP #5

Give in to the will of nature. Find something that makes you happy and goes after it. Life is going to get a lot more complicated than it is right now, practice, makes perfect.

LP #6

Find something you did whether it is the exact same or fairly close the purpose will be served. Take your time when it comes to explaining things, we don’t want another misunderstanding. This life is far too short to worry about food.

LP #7

You are very outgoing somehow and a lot of people are not sure how to handle that. While you are fun to be around you make people uncomfortable. While it is not something you should dwell on you should remind yourself of that every so often.

LP #8

Be more creative in the things you are doing. Pieces are bringing you a good sense of wholeness, please don’t waste it. Allow your qualities to become amplified and be glad that you remained grateful and compassionate. Some people struggle to do the things they love, you are not one of those people.

LP #9

You need to be able to express yourself or you will get bored fast. While you have been a bit ungrateful things will look up soon. trust your gut and be there when your mind pushes you to do things. While these two things can be conflicting if you ever get both at one time do not ignore them.

To learn more about what your life path number has to say about you check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? Do you think Pisces season is going to be good to you or not?

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