The Pisces full moon to come is going to bring forth something within all of us. During this time we should be using the power of the full moon to our advantage.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or overly out of whack all of that might be coming to an end very soon. You can use the power of this full moon in some of the smallest ways to make some of the biggest differences in your life. Below I am going to go over some of the best ways you can really get yourself in tune with this full moon and reap all that it has to offer.

10 Spiritually Elevating Ways You Can Tap Into The Divine:

1. Write everything down, let your emotions flow.

Writing out whatever you feel like will give you more power. If you allow your emotions to truly flow these energies will have room to make their way into your being. You will be able to absorb them properly.

2. Look for signs.

Signs come in many different forms but most often would be synchronistic. Pay attention to your surroundings! Have you noticed any repeating numbers?

3. Take a relaxing meditative bath.

Find a body of water be it a pool, tub, or otherwise. Add some Epsom salts to your water and get in. Relax your body and open your mind’s eye. Allow your mind to see the energy flowing through your body and create a link between you and the moon.

4. Do something spontaneous.

Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Really think outside of the box, and get out of your comfort zone.

5. Work on your problems.

Work through some of the problems you have been facing. The best time to address them is when you are at your highest moments and the full moon is one of those moments. Really find a solution for what is before you.

6. Sleep under the moonlight.

If possible open up a window or go camping. Sleep under the moonlight and allow it really recharge you. This is a lot more beneficial than you might think.

7. Let go of something you’ve been holding onto.

Let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto that has been bringing you down or start small if need be. Go through your closet or cut ties with a toxic friend; the choice is yours.

8. Practice compassion, do not judge.

Be more compassionate during this time. Stop judging so much and really practice what you preach. Be more aware of the things you do and say.

9. Send blessings to those in need.

Find someone in need and do something kind for them. Bring them to mind a time or two throughout the night and really push some of those energies their way. This might benefit all involved.

10. Meditate for a little while before sleeping.

Take the time to get a little meditation done before going to sleep. Relax your mind and let your stress melt away. This will be a very healing oriented process.

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