Sometimes in life, it is better to spend more time alone. There are tons of jerks out there, and solitude to me brings a lot of peace.

I love spending time on my own, while I do have friends I just don’t particularly enjoy going out and meeting new people. I like to spend my time more productively and relaxed if that makes sense? I can do so much on my own and still feel at peace and I love it.

If you are anything like me, the life of a loner has never gotten you down. I have noticed throughout my years of being a loner and having friends who are similar to how I am that loners have a lot of traits in common. If you are a loner these following traits are probably present in you as well.

12 Traits People Who Prefer to Spend Time Alone Often Have:

1. They know how to control their emotions.

They do not allow themselves to get overheated or too upset. They know themselves well and do not allow their emotions to run the show. If you spend most of your time with yourself, you get to know yourself well.

2. They are reliable.

These people will not leave you hanging. They will be there when you need them, and when they say they will do something they will do it. You can always count on them.

3. They are not codependent, ever.

These people prefer to spend time alone, but are content with spending time with others as well. While they can be in a relationship and things go over just fine codependency is not an option. They do not like clingy partners.

4. They know their own boundaries.

They as mentioned above know themselves well. This allows them to know their limits and their strengths. They do not push themselves too far.

5. They are extremely loyal.

Once you are friends with one of these loners you are in it for life. They will stick by your side no matter what and always keep it real. They will always be there for you.

6. They are more open-minded than most people.

They are open to new experiences and new ideas in general. They don’t spend time getting upset over the views of other people because they would rather understand where these people are coming from. I feel like whether we are loners or not we should all work to be more open minded.

7. They tend to be more level-headed than others.

These people are so calm and down to Earth. They keep themselves level and are not over the top about anything. Getting worked up doesn’t do anything for anyone and they know that all too well.

8. They value their own time.

Time is valuable, they are more than aware of this. They do not waste their time doing things they hate and refuse to waste other people’s time as well. If you give them a deadline chances are things will be done long before the deadline comes up.

9. They are not people pleasers.

They will not go out of their way to make you happy. They will only do what they have to and the things they want to do. While they don’t mind doing things for other people-pleasing you is not important to them.

10. They are comfortable with themselves.

They are fine with who they are and don’t waste time trying to be someone they are not. They like how they are and simply enjoy life. It takes a lot to really become comfortable in the ways these people are.

11. They are always there for their friends.

They never abandon their friends. If one of their friends is going through something they are too. While they like to be alone they will never make you be alone.

12. They do not like confrontation.

They are not fighters at all. They like to be as non confrontational as possible. If you ever come across a loner who is being confrontational chances are someone has really done something terrible to them.

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