Chances are you’ve already heard about the up and coming partial solar eclipse coming up on August 11th. This is something that will be bringing lots of new energies for each and every sign but not all of them are going to be feeling it properly.

Below I am going to go over what kind of influence this partial solar eclipse might be having on each zodiac sign. All of the energies before us are going to be overwhelmingly positive but you might not be able to see it right off the bat. While things will be a bit intense, moving forward will be happening whether you want it to or not.


During this time you are going to be finding new things to do. You are going to be coming out of your shell and doing things you really enjoy and it is going to benefit you greatly. While you might not have the funds or time to really take a break, it is one that you have needed and everything will work out in the end.


You are going to be spending a lot of time at home during the week of and following this eclipse. You are going to be really shifting inward and really sorting things out. While you might feel out of place everything will settle down as time goes by.


This eclipse energy is going to bring you to a place in your life that you have never been. You will be really letting loose and no longer holding back. During this time you need to really let yourself breathe.


During this time you will be much more emotional than you normally are which is insane for you. Everything will feel as if it is breaking you apart even when it is pushing you to something great. Remain as calm as you can and see where this leads you.


During this time you need to question yourself more. You have been going through a lot lately and none of it makes any sense to you. You don’t really know what to do or where to go from here and chances are it’s really making you feel a bit crazy.


This eclipse is going to have you criticizing others less for once and everyone around you will notice. You will be feeling as if something is missing in your life because there is something missing in your life. The deeper you dig the more likely you are to figure out what that something is.


The energies before you are going to be pushing you to forgive yourself and move forward properly. This is not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it in the end. Stop obsessing over everyone else and figure things out for yourself.


If you are already feeling the energies that are making their ways here you are most likely feeling a lot more intense than normal. This will cause you to start putting things off that don’t need to be put off. Do not pause your life, work hard and stick up for yourself properly. Things are going to have you feeling really heavy but once these energies are gone something amazing is headed your way.


Chances are these energies are going to have you feeling as if you really need some kind of change. Don’t be afraid to go out and do something different. You are a very adventurous soul and if sticking in the place you are in is making you miserable, don’t do it.


The eclipse energies before you are really going to have you thinking about ways to make your life better. Don’t obsess over self-improvement but also don’t shut yourself out. There could be some improvements worth making come to mind and there is nothing wrong with working within.


You are going to be feeling much more alone than you normally would during this time and if you don’t work through this loneliness chances are you could end up in a very dark place. Build your connections and spend time with people you care about. There are wonderful connections to be made and plenty of room for you to grow.


You have been so stressed lately this eclipse is going to really melt all of that from your mind. Stop procrastinating and really go out there and get things done so that you can focus on yourself. If you think something needs to be done, this eclipse is going to push you to do it.

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