Over 8 Million Children Go Missing Every Year, And Most People Are Missing the Link to Child Trafficking That is Right In Front of Them

By April 28, 2018 World News

There are tons of children going missing in current times. Sure, you might think a few children go missing, but the real numbers are more than enough to make you want to keep your sons and daughters at home for the rest of their lives.

Around the globe, millions of children go missing each year. Not hundreds, not thousands, literally millions of children are going missing and some are not even reported so those numbers could be a lot higher than we are aware of even now. These children are never seen, heard of, or found for the most part. So, where are they all going? Sadly, many are going into child trafficking rings.

In the US alone, according to the NCIC, Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 460,000 children are reported missing every single year. In some countries, statistics on things like this are not even available. Human trafficking, especially towards children, is modern-day slavery in its rawest form.

These children are recruited, moved or transported, exploited, and then forced to work or sold off for a number of terrible things to happen to them in the end. Children are trafficked for things like child sexual exploitation, forced marriage, domestic servitude, organ harvesting, forced labor in factories and so much more. Most of the time children are tricked into leaving their homes, but sometimes other methods are used. Traffickers use grooming techniques to gain the trust of a child, family, or even a whole community.

Sometimes traffickers promise children or parents a better future if they leave with them. This is a hidden crime that we don’t hear enough about. For instance, I grew up not knowing about this all the while it was still a very real thing. Kids think strangers are bad and that is a good thing, but they don’t think that those who have pushed their way into their lives are. The person they turn to when something goes wrong could ultimately be the person who ruins everything for them all the while promising to give them the world.

Some traffickers work in groups and others work alone. They come in many sizes and with a wide range of promises. It is also very hard to prosecute traffickers.

These children are literally being used as modern day slaves and something has got to give. The more aware we are of how these things work the better prepared our children will be in the end. We have to understand this kind of thing instead of ignoring it. That could be your child one day even if you don’t think it could.

Image via The Fix

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