We are constantly in a state of evolution and we all evolve at our own pace. While you could put a time frame on it, I believe leaving things as open as possible is the best route to go.

Below you will find each stage that it seems we go through and what each stage holds. These stages may come every 7 years or even every 10 years, however, some of us could even manage to go through them all within a mere 10-year span. Each path we walk down in this life is different from the path everyone else is walking. Just because you are not as progressed as someone else does not make you less of a spiritual person. On the contrary,  it just means you are following the path laid out before you by the Universe.

Phase 1: Structure

This is basically from the time we are born until we begin questioning things. During this time we are growing into our bodies and learning who our parents are and who the people surrounding us want us to be. This can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing, that all depends on the situation you are born into. Regardless, it is crucial for figuring out who you are to know where you come from. Once you reach a point where you are beginning to question things you begin to move into phase 2. (That being said, remember these phases are not always in this order, this is just the most ‘universal’ order but it may vary from person to person.)

Phase 2: Emotion

From this point on you are beginning to question things and really learn who you are. This is also the point in your life where your body goes through the most changes. You become more of an adult. Through this time you will feel quite lost and unsure of yourself. This is the stage in life where you will be at your emotional peak and depending on the person that might not be a good thing.

Phase 3: Growth

At this point, you will be an adult and have gone through a lot in life. You are still going to be questioning things but you will also be learning to hold your own. Hopefully, at this point, your emotional state will be more stable and the changes that happen in life will be changes you can handle. Basically, this is a time of finding yourself and really making a name for yourself in your own mind.

Once you have figured out who you are and gone through all that you were meant to go through at this stage another will present itself. This next one will be quite conflicting.

Phase 4: Holding Your Own

This phase is interesting, to say the least. It is a phase where your mental being will finally be where it needs to be. You will start settling down into who you are and face all of the problems headed your way with an open mind. Your intuition will be at its peak and those around you will begin to weed themselves out. This phase is all about gaining more mental strength despite how hard it may seem.

Phase 5: Restlessness

Now that you have figured out who you are and where you are going you are going to be feeling quite restless until you get there. This phase will be full of ups and downs, sometimes you will feel normal and other times you will feel as if the whole world is working against you. This point is not one that you should worry too much about just continue on as you were and things will even themselves out. For me, this was a time full of meditation more-so than the rest.

Phase 6: Experience

At this point, things are as they should be and you are living your purpose. While this is different for everyone else it is something we all seek to achieve. This world is full of interesting moments and challenges along the path laid out for us. Being aware of who you are and where you are going is the biggest challenge. Everything from that point is only positive.

Which phase do you think you are in and where do you feel you are headed next? Is there a phase you feel is missing? Each and every one of us is going through something right now, so work to build one another up, rather than tearing people down.

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