August is the eighth month of the year, and numerologically, the number eight is a truly magical number. With that being said, the eighth day of the eighth month has a lot in store for us spiritually.

While you might not think too much about it there is a lot that we should be paying attention to during this time. Over the course of the first week or two of this month, energies will be high and emotions will be continuing to run hot. This will be due to Mars still retrograding and really creating more tension within our lives.

Now, once the first two weeks have completed you will notice things beginning to die down which will feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. This will be in part because Mercury will be coming out of retrograde but also because of the full moon energies making their way before us as well. On the eighth of this month, the Lion’s Gateway will be opening completely as well which will work to activate our DNA and resonate within our souls.

The opening of the Lion’s Gateway is not something many people are aware of but everyone feels its effects. This month is not going to be an easy one but it will be much less hectic than July has been. During the last couple weeks of August, you will be forced to look back and really examine how things have been going for you this year.

This being the eighth month of the year we can expect a lot of inner strength to come forward. If you have been struggling to focus and really maintain the drive you needed to succeed things will begin making more sense soon. Everything will become much more clear and you will become more capable of placing that karmic balance where it is needed.


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