When we think of someone struggling with anxiety the last word that comes to mind is ‘strong.’ Strength is something we associate more with those who are on top of things and never show weakness, right?

That being said, people suffering from anxiety are extremely strong, probably even more so than people who do not deal with it. Life is hard enough as it is and yet people dealing with anxiety are having to deal with ‘fight or flight’ 24/7 on top of everything else. This battle is hard to deal with and people who suffer from anxiety generally feel as if they are literally going to war with themselves on the inside.

People with anxiety are able to still function properly all the while fighting tooth and nail on the inside. Even the easiest tasks can be almost impossible and yet most manage to still get them done. If you have anxiety or know someone who does the list below may be something you need to read.

These 5 personality traits are present in all who are struggling from anxiety and are all something to be proud of:

1. Preparedness

The person who is dealing with anxiety is always ready for anything. They have planned out each and every possible scenario in their own minds and if something can go wrong they have already planned a solution for it.

2. Compassionate

The person going through life walking on egg shells is far more compassionate for the people in their lives. They are tolerant and forgiving in ways that other people find hard to achieve.

3. Bravery

Whether the person dealing with anxiety realizes it or not, he or she is very brave. This person did not choose to have anxiety and yet is working each and every day to live a better life with it. It takes a special kind of bravery to be able to do that.

4. Toughness

The person dealing with anxiety is tough, far tougher than they are given credit for. Everything affects them at least ten times worse than it would people with anxiety, and yet they are still here, they do not give up.

5. Honesty

The person dealing with anxiety is often far more honest than most as well. He or she will not lie to get further in life because they build their lives surrounding truth. They know how it feels to be lied to or let down and would not do that to another person.

While you may not want to have anxiety it is in some cases a good thing. Everyone needs anxiety to an extent. This foresight is a special gift though on your more fragile days it may be crippling it is something that makes you all the more strong.

Check out the video below for more information on anxiety.

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