Plenty of people smoke cigarettes all the while knowing the risks but many still think that by not being an everyday smoker they’re not harming themselves too badly. Well, those people need a reality check.

According to a report carried out by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) Policy Group on Tobacco says that those who smoke even ‘occasionally’ have an almost 40 percent greater risk of dying from smoke related disease than a non-smoker. This is something we already knew but have been struggling to make known. That is a drastic percentage but also a very real one. An occasional smoker is someone who could smoke a few a day, or even just one cigarette per week.

On their website, the RCIP goes over how tobacco smoke affects basically every organ in the body and how serious smoking can be. We should not be perceiving the risks of light smoking as minimal because they are not. Dr. Des Cox of the group told Newstalk Radio recently that even those who don’t smoke much still carry the same risks as daily smokers do.

He went on to note:

“In regard to lung cancers in women ages 35-49, those who smoke between one and four cigarettes a day are five times more likely to develop lung cancer when compared to non-smokers. In men, the risk is threefold.”

“Until now, anti-smoking campaigns have targeted daily smokers and while they have been successful in reducing overall smoking prevalence in Ireland, the dangers of occasional and social smoking need to be included in these campaigns going forward.”

While people tend to ignore the risks that come with smoking, bringing awareness is important. Along with lung cancer, there are 13 other cancers linked to smoking. Smoking literally damages DNA in cells and mutates it into something much more at risk. Just occasional smoking in itself can increase your risks of cataracts, fertility issues, weak bones, and so much more.

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