Obama Escalates Tensions With Russia To Pre-empt Trump: Analyst

By November 21, 2016 Politics, World News

According to Professor James Petras, who is also an American writer and political analyst, Barack Obama is increasing tensions and conflict between the U.S and Russia before Trump enters the White House.

With Obama working to escalate tension between the two nations, President Elect Donald Trump could be thwarted in his commitment to negotiate with Russia for peace. James Petras, the political analyst who spoke about the issue said that the world is in a dangerous place during the time in which Donald Trump is transitioning towards taking his seat in the oval office.

Press TV reported:

“Professor Petras, who has written several books on international political issues, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday, after the US military dispatched 620 shipping containers packed with ammunition to Europe, the largest single shipment in last two decades.”

Other reports state that the containers were shipped to Germany around the end of October. The containers are to be transported to a storage depot to be distributed to various locations across Europe, according to a U.S Army statement.

To make matters worse, the Pentagon announced intentions to deploy around 6,000 American soldiers and heavy armor to Eastern Europe next year to prevent an assertive Russia.

Petras referenced America’s “policy of rearming Europe especially focusing on Germany is an attempt by Obama to preempt any moves by newly elected President Trump, who’s committed to negotiating with Russia, ending sanctions, and lessening the military tensions.”

Continuing he said, this is an aggressive move by Obama, a provocative move, a kind of re-initiation of the Cold War, and I think that it will be reversed or limited once Obama is out of office.”

“I think this is a tension-creating move by Obama, part of his history of demonizing Russia and provoking a possible confrontation, which has nuclear consequences,” the analyst added.

“I think the suddenness of this buildup has a direct response to Trump’s closer working relationships with President Putin,” Petras said.

“I think this is a desperate move by Obama and is certainly in line with what Hillary Clinton would have done, but certainly not in line with Trump’s policy of reconciliation with Russia, and pressuring Europe to pay for its own arms and its own program,” the scholar concluded.

In the past months, we have seen the relationship between Russia and the U.S deteriorate at an accelerated pace. The conflict has been compared to the Cold War of 1991, and many have feared that tensions could escalate and lead up to a third world war. The rise in conflict between the two nations is largely due to the Ukraine crisis, as the U.S and allies have accused Russia of deploying troops to the eastern Ukraine. Russia has maintained that they have no involvement in the current crisis that is taking place within the Ukraine.

To add to the conflict, Russia launched an air offense against Daesh terrorists, most of whom were actually trained by the CIA to fight against the Syrian government.

Then, last month, nuclear-capable missiles were moved within range of three Baltic states, which led to U.S officials claiming the move to be an offensive gesture. NATO then made the largest deployment of troops to the Russian border since the cold war, and it seemed that the tensions were going anywhere but down.

After Donald Trump was then elected president, Russian President Vladimir Putin made statements that indicated a willingness to negotiate and work for peace with the new President. Trump went on to speak of a commitment to negotiate with Russia, as well as intentions of ending sanctions and decreasing military tension. While their intentions were to work towards a positive relationship between the two nations, it appears that Obama does not share their interests.

Obama has founded an administration that campaigned on promises for peace promised to work towards that goal, however, his actions have proven that he never had any intention to follow through. During both of his terms, we have seen nothing but increasing tensions in the Middle East, as well as actions that could be considered war crimes. He is obviously a war criminal who only cares about furthering conflicts across the world, rather than ending them. We can only hope that Donald Trump will do what he has promised instead of giving us another four years of endless war.

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