It seems in recent times a Twitter post online has gone viral covering the fact that not everyone has an internal monologue. This leading many to be quite weirded out and blown away by the concept itself. 

While we do know that everyone thinks differently we don’t usually think too much about how others ‘think’ as a whole. That being said, some people think it ways you might never expect. There are people who are unable to create images in their minds and even people who don’t hear that voice you might be so accustomed to hearing. This is perfectly normal but really makes some people quite frustrated when trying to wrap their heads around how the heads of others work. 

It’s perfectly normal to have or not to have an internal monologue so if you’re not hearing that voice or if you are hearing that voice don’t think you’re a freak just because some people in your life are thinking in the opposite manner. Now, if you’re wondering whether you have an internal monologue or not consider how you think. When you’re alone or just thinking to yourself do you say sentences inside of your mind or are things done differently? 

Well, if you say things inside of your head then you most likely have an internal monologue. You have a voice in your head that says your thoughts. This voice could be your own or something else entirely that varies from person to person. That being said, if you can’t hear your thoughts, you don’t have an internal monologue.

In regards to the tweet above many people have responded with their thoughts on things like this and some of their words are quite interesting, to say the least. Some people noted being able to do both while others broke down their thought processing as a whole. Many who were verbal in their thoughts noted also that it was seemingly impossible for them to imagine how those who are non-verbal in their minds actually think.

As someone who can have full conversations with myself in my own mind, I too think it is quite mind-blowing and hard to come to terms with. You would assume that this would be something we all already knew or learned in school but it appears many people had no idea we were all different in this minor yet major way. Sure, it might not seem like a lot to some but to those who realize the difference, it is enormous. 

For more information on this please check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? Do you have an internal monologue?


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