Newly Unclassified CIA Documents Reveal Government Acknowledgement of Paranormal and Psychic Abilities

By December 24, 2017 Rabbit Hole, U.S. News, Video

Months back about 13 million CIA papers were released online and deemed declassified. Some of these contained quite interesting things in regards to psychic powers and the abilities some people have.

Among the more unusual records in these include the CIA’s secret search for alien life as well as recipes for invisible ink. And while that alone is pretty strange, things do not stop there, as it seems Uri Geller was recruited by the agency and tested on in some odd ways. While these files were stored at the National Archives in Maryland until now they can be viewed by clicking here.

For those who do not know Uri Geller is an Israeli who was already a well-established performer before being called upon by the CIA. The US government put him through a series of tests in order to determine whether or not he truly had any paranormal powers. These CIA papers revealed that he was asked to sit in a sealed and monitored room for a week-long series of experiments. During his time there, he did a number of things for the US government.

For instance, as part of his testing, a word was selected at random from outside of his room and someone drew a picture of a representation of said word without telling anyone what it was. After the image was drawn Geller was told that the drawing was complete (Keep in mind Geller was still inside his room). At this point, Geller would draw the same image or one similar to it.

Image researchers drew
(Image: CIA)

Image Geller Drew
(Image: CIA)


According to the CIA papers, their conclusion was as follows:

“As a result of Geller’s success in this experimental period, we consider that he has demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

Yes, you read that correctly. They acknowledged Geller as having paranormal abilities. Sure, we knew this all along but verification is quite empowering isn’t it?

Another paper that was released in regards to Geller goes as follows:

“I was surprised when I accumulated the research studies at several universities and institutions on the Geller experiments. This was a scientific ghost story in its own right. At the University of London, several leading physicists were finding that Geller could run up a Geiger counter to a point 500 times background radiation by concentrating on it. He could dematerialize part of a vanadium crystal sealed inside a plastic capsule, simply by holding his hand over it. There were several other tests, all of them repeatable and startling. At the conclusion of them, conducted in two different colleges of the University – Birkbeck and King’s – three scientists came out with unequivocal statements regarding the future impact of this phenomenon.

Professor J. G. Taylor, chairman of the department of mathematics stated:

“I have tested Uri Geller in my laboratory at King’s College with, especially designed apparatus. The Geller Effect of mental bending is clearly not brought about by fraud. It is so exceptional that it presents a crucial challenge to modern science and could even destroy the latter if no explanation becomes available.”

I don’t think I need to say anything else on this matter but you should definitely look over these documents for yourself. There is so much to read and so much to learn. Our government is quite unpredictable to say the least.

Featured image via We Are Change


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