New York Has Officially Banned Elephants from the Circus!

By October 25, 2017 Crime, U.S. News, World News

A fun thing that families have enjoyed for over a hundred years might not be quite as fun anymore! Circuses are a well-known family favorite, but recently they have been banned from using elephants in their shows.

Perhaps a bit overdue, elephants are now banned from being involved in circus shows in New York as announced by the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, earlier this week. Animal rights activists and anyone with a sense of respect for other living creatures are beyond happy to receive the news! Gov. Cuomo announced the news after he signed a bill into law prohibiting the mistreatment of the intelligent creatures!

Cuomo tweeted:

Today I signed legislation banning the use of elephants in entertainment acts. Elephants will no longer be subjected to this cruel abuse.

The approval of New York state’s governor has been impending for over four months since the New York City Council initially voted to ban circuses from using wild animals in the act. While the elephant’s intelligence and responsive personalities make for an entertaining show, utilizing them as a tool simply abuses the true capabilities and rights of these gigantic four-legged friends!

Throughout the rapid growth of the world economy, people have long forgotten the true importance of other living creatures and irrefutably neglected them. Thankfully, as we progress into the future animals are finally receiving appropriate laws and regulations that protect them from the cruelty of money-crazed humans.

Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals to walk planet Earth! They have an extremely complex and intricate brain that very closely resembles that of a human. They can experience a wide variety of sensitive emotions such as joy, playfulness, depression, grief, and anger.

You can definitely admit that for an animal so closely resembled with humans that this newfound law protecting Elephants is long overdue! Congrats my elephant friends! Be free!

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